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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where nobody knows your name

Go Rockets!


C.B. Jack said...

You fricken fetchers. Deron didn't ever complain about Treysee not pronouncing his name right....

WE DID. HIS FANS! Don't go ragging on Deron for something he didn't say.

Oh and by the way, Rockets suck.

Have a nice day.

Eric said...

Then we'll rag on you guys for getting your purple Jazz panties in a bunch because T-Mac didn't pronounce his name right. See in 7.

UofTOrange said...

You weren't at the game CBJ!! I clearly heard him tell TMac how to pronounce his name and then he told him that if he said it wrong again he'd miss another shot.

C.B. Jack said...

What the? Where were you sitting? front row joe?

That or you have go go gadget ears...

If he said it then I take my previous comment back.

But for real...pompous cooment on McGrady's part.

UofTOrange said...

I'm just messing with you. But I did give Vince Young a high five last night, so that was cool

sterica said...

Do you realize the Jazz playoff record after humiliating losses like these?

The Rockets would have been better off winning by 5, trust me!

sterica said...

I noted earlier concerning the Jazz record in the playoffs after blowout losses in the playoffs.

So I thought I would provide a little history lesson...

1993-94 vs San Antonio
Game 1 4/28/94 Jazz89 SA106
Game 2 4/30/94 Jazz96 SA84
Jazz win series!

1994-95 vs Houston
Game 2 4/29/95 Jazz126 Rckts140
Game 3 5/03/95 Jazz95 Rckts82

1996-97 vs Chicago
Game 2 6/04/97 Jazz85 Bulls97
Game 3 6/06/97 Jazz104 Bulls93

1996-97 vs LA Lakers
Game 3 5/08/97 Jazz84 LA104
Game 4 5/10/97 Jazz110 LA95

1997-98 vs San Antonio
Game 3 5/09/98 Jazz64 SA86
Game 4 5/10/98 Jazz82 SA73

1997-98 vs Houston
Game 1 4/23/98 Jazz90 Rckts103
Game 2 4/25/98 Jazz105 Rckts90

2006-07 vs Golden State
Game 3 5/11/07 Jazz105 GS125
Game 4 5/13/07 Jazz115 GS101

2007-08 vs Houston
Game 5 4/29/08 Jazz69 Rckts95
Game 6 5/2/08 Jazz? Rckts?

grungedave said...

If I recall...

in 1994 Utah eventually its ass beat by Houston.

in 1995 Houston did the trick again.

in 1997, Chicago had the eventual pleasure.

in 1998, Chicago again. Ask Bryon Russell, he remembers.

in 2007, San Antonio beat you down and it wasn't close.

Yeah, that was a fun history lesson! Let's do that again sometime!

C.B. Jack said...

Props to Sterica for throwing down some serious numbers.

I agree that the Jazzers are preparing a J-Slo style beat down on Friday. Don't forget your knee pads Rockets...We know you won't.

Dave did the Anonymous Jazz troll scare you out of accepting anonymous comments?

grungedave said...

Yeah, I got bored of having to delete and censor. I hate censorship so much, but lines had to be drawn somewhere.

Besides, how hard is it to get a google ID and a fake name?

C.B. Jack said...

For some Jazz fans? Probably more difficult than you think.

grungedave said...

Are you saying I need to post a "your IQ must be this high to enter the blog" disclaimer?

Xiane said...

Only one team has delivered a beatdown in this series, and it wasn't Utah.

We've lost 3 of 5 at 60% of our starting roster. We've won 2 of 3 with 80% of it. The Jazz is having to work pretty hard to beat Houston without Yao. I can't imagine we'd be having the same trouble if the Jazz were without Boozer or Williams.

Also, I'm proposing a new name for A Kirelenko. AK-47 is too macho and tough.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

The Heliflopter
The Weeping Stick
3rd Ugliest Jazz Man

Please add your own.

Amaar said...

International Music Superstar:

hill2500 said... every year i believe....i put my heart on my line for the rockets and they lose.....and im afraid to do it this time....BUT I CANT HELP IT!!! I BELIEVE!!!! I REALLY DO BELIEVE!!!!

nonsequitter said...

It’s funny to see Mormon land attempt to talk smack. It’s the equivalent to watching Steve Martin try to act like a brotha. You don't quite pull it off.

Allow me to clue you in on something, Jazz fan, your backs are against the wall and your best player is doing EXACTLY the thing you have been harping on T-Mac about for this entire series. Funny how that has backfired, tards.

Oh, and don't get me started on your brand of basketball. Dirtdre Kirefloppo and Memet Flopkur out front told us that. Lets be clear on this, nobody likes Utah but Utah. They are an unappealing team. They are the butterscotch candy that is always the only left uneaten in the candy dish.

Every time I think of the Utah Jazz, I am always sitting on the pooper. Coincidence? I think not.

RKD5 said...

It's obvious to me that Houston has HOMER glasses on. How in the world can you not see that Luis Scola is just as big of a flopper and menace as any player in a Jazz uniform. I am not going to deny that Andre flops on occasion and I won't deny that we play physical basketball. You have a few scrappers on your team as well and I am sure you love it when they work hard, but to bitch and moan that we play to physical and flop is ubsurd. How do you think you won game 5. Your guys maned up and played physical. You beat us at our game but for some reason you all cried about it for the first 4 games but it's ok when you do it.

Ace said...
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sterica said...

The history lesson wasnt saying the Jazz won all those series, but simply pointing out their record after blowout losses! Guess what, we only need one game! This game happens to fall after a blowout loss. Like I mentioned earlier, the Rockets would have faired better winning by 3-7 points. On another note, your 43-48 veteran player (mutumbo) has guaranteed a game 7. Dumb!

Kyle said...

Only a doesn't-listen-to-Jazz fan would confuse a prediction like "we're not coming back" with something as innocuous as saying that the series will reach seven games. If slights like that are what your team needs to get fired up, then you're no better than the Patriots and their "who dissed us today" attitude.

UofTOrange said...

@ your 43-48 veteran player

Come on now, it's more like 52-57

Ray said...

OOOO, can I play.

Since we're setting the cutoff that a Jazz "blowout" is 12 points as sterica said, let's look at some other Jazz blowouts and the following games in the playoffs during the same timeframe. For some reason, these were left out of the earlier post:

2006-2007 vs San Antonio Western Conference Finals

Game 4 SA 91 Utah 79
Game 5 SA 109 Utah 84

2002-2003 vs Sacramento Western Conference First Round

Game 4 Sac 99 Utah 82
Game 5 Sac 111 Utah 91

2000-2001 vs Dallas Western Conference First Round

Game 4 Dallas 107 Utah 77
Game 5 Dallas 84 Utah 83

1999-2000 vs Portland Western Conference Semifinals

Game 1 Port 94 Utah 75
Game 2 Port 103 Utah 85
Game 3 Port 103 Utah 84
(Note: Utah did beat Portland 88-85 in Game 4 before losing in Game 5)
(Note2: In the first round, Utah lost Game 3 to Seattle by 11 and then lost again in Game 4 by 11 before winning in Game 5, doesn't fall under 12 point rule though)

1998-1999 vs Portland in Western Conference Semifinals

Game 6 Portland 92 Utah 80
No game 7
(Note: Oops this doesn't count, how's this get in here)
(Note2: In the first round the Jazz lost by 11 to the Kings in Game 2 and came back the next game and lost by 3. Again, doesn't count)

1997-1998 vs Chicago NBA Finals

Game 3 Chicago 96 Utah 54 (ouch)
Game 4 Chicago 86 Utah 82

1996-1997 vs Houston Western Conference Finals

Game 3 Houston 118 Utah 100
Game 4 Houston 95 Utah 92

1995-1996 vs. Seattle Western Conference Finals

Game 1 Seattle 102 Utah 72
Game 2 Seattle 91 Utah 87

1994-1995 vs Houston Western Conference First Round

Game 4 Houston 123 Utah 106
Game 5 Houston 95 Utah 91
(Note: This is my favorite one since sterica used Game 2 and Game 3 earlier. Hey, guess where Game 5 of this series was?)

1993-1994 vs Houston Western Conference Finals

Game 1 Houston 100 Utah 88
Game 2 Houston 104 Utah 99

Um, so basically, after blowout losses, the Jazz are 7-10. Wow, scary. If you throw in 11 point losses counting as blowouts, the Jazz are 7-13. Wow, impressive. Man, the Rockets should be quaking right now.

Ray said...

Correction to last post:

The Jazz would be 7-12 if you count games after losses by 11 points or more in the playoffs since 1993-1994, not 7-13 as the previous post suggests. I apologize.