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Friday, April 11, 2008

During tonight's game...

Lee and I will both be unable to partake in the festivity tonight that is "making fun of that Fat Ass." Neither of us will be able to watch the game... which is a shame.

Our friends over at Bright Side of the Sun suggested doing a live-blog of tonight's game. But since we can't be there... why not let some of our readers take part? Anyone reading is welcome to join in and discuss the progress of the game -- live! We highly encourage any Shaq/Fat Ass related jokes and the necessary derogatory comments.

And if T-Mac for some reason sits out or continues to make that scowling face when someone bumps his shoulder... all "T-Mac needs some Midol" jokes are also welcome.

Go Rockets! We need that 54th win now that Utah lost (again) last night... homecourt advantage, baby!


Matt said...

Love the blogg! If you ever want to post a take that will piss off everyone, let me know :)


Andrew Ayres ;)

Eric H said...

Found your blog this morning and have been reading a bunch of your old posts. Not sure how I've not noticed a good blog on Houston sports for so long.

Patrick said...

With the Rockets winning tonight, they are in really good shape for home-court advantage now.

The Rockets need one win or one Suns loss to clinch at least the #5 seed in the Western Conference. The Rockes own the tiebreaker now with tonight's win.

For Home Court, the Rockets need to either beat the Jazz on Monday, or have a combination of one win and one Jazz loss, or two wins as they won't own the tiebreaker over the Jazz without beating them. By the way, Utah plays Denver tomorrow, Houston Monday, and at San Antonio Wednesday. They probably wont sweep those three games

San Antonio, after beating Seattle tonight, still has at the Lakers on Sunday, at the Kings on Monday, and then home against Utah on Wednesday. The Rockets do not own the tiebreaker with them due to division record so basically, the Rockets need more wins from here on out than the Spurs to jump over them.

The Lakers have the Hornets tonight, the Spurs on Sunday and Sacramento on Tuesday. The Rockets do own the tiebreaker over the Lakers due to head-to-head superiority. If the Rockets want to finish as the Number one seed, the best scenario (if the Rockets win out) would be for the Lakers to win their last three games therefore beating both New Orleans and San Antonio). So go Lakers?!

Now the hard part. New Orleans owns the tiebreaker over the Rockets due to better division record. Even if they lose tonight against the Lakers, they would still be a game up on the Rockets. Even if they lose two of their last three after tonight, the Rockets would have to sweep their last three games to claim the #1 seed. The even worse part, New Orleans' last three are at Sacramento tomorrow, home against the Clippers on Tuesday, and at Dallas on Wednesday in what will probably be a meaningless game for Dallas as they have a strangelhold on the 7 spot at this point. So really, it would be better for the Rockets, if they want to move up to a #2 or #3 seed, that the Hornets win tonight. So go Hornets?!

Anyway, enough of all that, my head hurts. Great game tonight and a huge win. Go Rockets!

Patrick said...

Oh yeah, Rockets don't fair well in a 3-team or 4-team tiebreaker scenario either. If they end up in a 3-way tie with San Antonio and New Orleans, all the teams went 4-4 against each other this year. This would lead to divisional record which the Rockets would lose to both teams. New Orleans would actually be the top seed in that scenario no matter if they lose to Dallas or not as they have a better conference record than the Spurs. The Rockets in this scenario could be no better than the #5 seed.

If the Rockets, Lakers, and Hornets end up tied, the Hornets would again end up with the Number 1 seed as their head to head with Houston and LA is the same as the Rockets (4-3) and they have a better division and conference record. Houston would end up as the second seed in this scenario due to the 2-1 record against LA this season.

The three way tie between the Rockets-Lakers-Spurs depends on the game between the Lakers and Spurs on Sunday. If San Antonio wins that game, they would be the #1 team in this scenario due to better head to head (5-3) to Houston's (4-3). Houston would be #2 (or more than likely 5th as there isn't a way for New Orleans to fall below both San Antonio and Houston). If San Antonio loses against the Lakers, Houston would be the #2 seed in this scenario with the Spurs ending up as the 5th seed. No matter what, the Lakers would be #3. So again, go Lakers?!

Finally, if somehow there ends up a 4 way tie between the Lakers, Spurs, Hornets, and Rockets, which is almost impossible at this point, the Hornet's would be yoru #1 seed due to best head-to-head (6-5). Rockets would be (6-5) as well but would lose out due to division or conference record. It would then go to whether or not the Spurs win against the Lakers to determine who would be #2. Spurs win, they are #2. They don't, Rockets are #2. Lakers would end up as #3 no matter what.

Ok, now I'm done.

Jay said...

"How sweet it is" that the Rockets currently have the longest win streak in the NBA AGAIN!! We have 5 straight wins! Hopefully you are right with your season ending predictions and we start the playoffs on an 8 game win streak. Go Rockets!

Patrick said...

I was wrong on the tiebreakers because I didn't include last night's Hornets-Lakers game which caused the two teams to split the season series. Any tiebreakers that involve the Lakers and Rockets end up with the Rockets getting the top seed over everyone as long as the Spurs lose to the Lakers.

If the Rockets, Lakers, and Hornets tie, the order would be Rockets, Hornets, Lakers.

If the Spurs beat the Lakers, the Spurs would win any tie-breaker that involved the Lakers and Spurs. The Rockets would end up as the second seed in any of those scenarios.

Oh yeah, according to Sportscenter this morning, only three teams have a chance at the #1 seed. Guess which one was omitted.