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Friday, April 18, 2008

Yahoo allows us to break down Rockets/Jazz

Skeets over at Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie NBA blog was once again kind enough to delegate some writing responsibilties over to us. We naturally obliged. Like we're going to turn down the chance to further explain how much we hate the Utah Jazz??? Puh-leeze!

Rockets in 7, bitches.

The full article can be found here.


Sports Tsar said...

them's fightin words for john hollinger. he predicted the jazz going to the finals...

Patrick said...

When everyone goes against a team in what is basically an even match-up, it usually means everyone is wrong. Can anyone actually find a national media type or blogger, not from Houston, that predicts a Rockets series win?

Guess the Rockets will have to keeping provinng everybody wrong. Rockets in 6 (with a win in Utah to silence that crowd).

Patrick said...

I also love how a lot of people are using the Rafer Alston injury as reason the Rockets lose in the first round such as:

Chris Mannix (CNNSI):
"and with Rockets point guard Rafer Alston (strained hamstring) sidelined for at least the first two games (both in Houston), Utah should be able to take a game on the road."

The Big Lead:
"This Rockets team has a built in excuse (No Yao) and a reason to be confident (22 straight wins), but they’ll be missing Skip To My Lou for the first few games of the series. I want to pick the Rockets. I want to see Tracy McGrady succeed. I just don’t see it. Deron Williams might be too good to let his team lose. More heartache for T-Mac is on the horizon.

Jazz in 7"

I sure wish we could read an article like this in a Houston paper about a Houston team.

Instead, we get crap like this:
Why is this guy still employed. He's been terrible for a very long time now.


Note: I found a Rockets-backer. Mike Moreau via ESPN

Patrick said...

Last one.

Everybody is slobbering all over the Jazz because of the 37-4 record at home. What nobody mentions is that the Rockets were one of those 4 losses. Probably because it was November 1st when it happened, and was the second game of the season for Houston, but if we're going to keep mentioning all 41 games, we might as well throw that fact in there.

John said...

Hi Guys,

I've published the article guys, let me your thought on it.

Big thanks once again for your effort.

jeremy said...

Not only do we have landry and scola to counter boozer this year, but the Jazz dont have derrick fisher. In games 6 and 7 last year he was able to work alot at 1, which let deron williams use his size and strength in the post. Fisher is also about thrice as strong as skip to my lou, with or without throat slash knife. Not to mention juwan howard is no longer a rocket.

PS, Robert horry, please continue to eat a big bag of dicks.

Anonymous said...

hahahahah!!!!! you wonder why no one backs the rockets eh? and rafer being out obviously did make a difference. the jazz did what they do best well tonight (52% shooting) and the rockets did what they do best terribly. (allowed 52% shooting, ton of offensive rebounds, and battier played defense like shit) rockets need serious help if they are going to turn things around.