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Friday, May 2, 2008

On the Radio Today!

I guess it's my turn, so I will be on ESPN radio Los Angeles to discuss the blog, the Rockets and playoff stuff with Steve Mason at about 5PM CST. Dave did it last time, but I will take it over this go round.

Listen Live Here

I will be on with Kris from BasketballJohn, yet another Utah Jazz blog. I swear I had no idea there were so many Jazz fans out there, but it's well written and insightful. The main topic of conversation for the call will be: "Why would your team be a better match up for the Lakers in round 2?" It is an LA radio station after all, so a tie in to the Lakers is the goal.

I'd give away some of my talking points, but I don't want Kris to have them before the call.

Check out BasketballJohn here.


Basketball John said...

Man, I'm going to put your post as permanent edition on my site. "but it's well written and insightful." Considering it comes from a Rockets fan, that's about as good of a compliment as I could receive.

Anyway, look forward to talking with you later.

Basketball John said...

Good stuff Lee.

C.B. Jack said...

Great Job to both of you.

Lee, you owe Kris dinner.

One more thing...I hate the Rockets.

grungedave said...

Get a job, slackers! Some of us actually have to work on Fridays and can't be distracted by the radio!

CB, you cannot possibly overstate how much I hate the Utah Jazz.

I do not see a "I really, really hate the Rockets" tag on your blog, so clearly I win the "who hates who more" competition!!!

C.B. Jack said...

Dear Dave,

I hate the Rockets. I mean I really, really, hate the Rockets. I hate Houston. I hate Texas. I hate the color Red (except my Utes), I hate the space exploration program, I hate things shaped like Rockets (unlike you), I hate your mascot, I hate your street walking dancers...I just hate the Houston Rockets.


CB Jack

UofTOrange said...

You lost all belief there CBJ. No one hates Texas, so I can't trust anything else you said