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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kevin Durant? Meet Shane Battier. Again.

Hey, Kevin Durant... I see you recovered nicely from that 2-17 effort.

37, 9 and 8. And the W. Nice.

Mr. Battier won't let that happen again. He's the DPOY, after all.

I don't foresee another 2-17, but I can definitely see a 5-20-something effort.

Go Rockets! With or without T-Mac.

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Forshizzzle said...

10-23 for KD. Not great, but certainly not terrible. He also had Novak guarding him for a good portion of the game. PJ is not fit to be a coach, and until they get a point guard on this team, they are not going anywhere.

It's a shame to see KD toiling on such a bad team. I have great hopes for him.