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Friday, April 25, 2008

The NBA Playoffs: Where Luis Landry Happens

Kiss My Ass, Carlos Boozer - there will be no sweep!!!!

Rockets try their best to blow a 7 point lead, but Luis Landry was having none of it.

Game totals

Luis Landry - 23 points, 21 rebounds, 10 fouls, 2 steals and 2 blocks. The last block being HUGE. Lose tooth... block shot... save the game. It's a zero sum game.

Defense, defense, defense. The Rockets finally boxed out and stopped going underneath the picks... and all of a sudden, they started winning. Amazing how that works!

Stat of the Day

Tracy McGrady - 0-0, 3 pt. FGs

The obligatory Tracy McGrady commentary: see what happens when you stop taking outside shots and drive the ball to the basket?!?!? Good things happen! All good things. Of course, T-Mac forgot this rule with 1:40 left to go and stopped driving the ball and started taking those off-balance 18 footers again (missing badly, I might add), but he made up for it with a big block and a big defensive rebound.

Hey, guys, in Game 4 - could you do me a favor? Stop leaving Ashton and Memo open for clean looks at 3-point shots. When a 7 point lead turns into a 1 point lead in less than a minute, that's hard to sit through. Let's not do that again. Next time, push the lead into double digits. Step on their necks. Crush their spirit. Deal?

(Meanwhile, I'm going to ignore the fact that McGrady was nearly scoreless again in the 4th Q... waiting until 4 minutes left to go. And he still has only 2 FG over 3 4th Qs so far. It remains a concern going into Game 4.)

Go Rockets!!!!

*note: For Utah Jazz fans, "Luis Landry" is the combination of Carl Landry and Luis Scola. I figured you might need the explanation. Our rookies are better than your roookies.


K-wonder said...

How dare you. Our rookie was MVP of the D-League!

andre said...

what is funny is that the tooth that came out was a fake one; deke knocked it out with his elbows in a practice lol

UtesFan89 said...

Our rookies would be better (maybe not better than yours, but better than the 13th & 14th men they are right now) if they got some time. Of course, it's hard to get time when the coach needs to have Jarron Collins & Jason Hart on the bench.
So frustrating.

Great game though. The Rockets came out prepared, and were able to win despite the fact that it was yet another horrible officiating crew.

Here's hoping the Jazz can make their FTs next time.

nathan said...

Korver is not Ashton Kutcher. He is a GEICO caveman.

nathan said...

"Here's hoping the Jazz can make their FTs next time."

I'm sure they will get roughly twice as many opportunities to do so than the Rockets.

andre said...

korver is one ugly ass dude

it is weird cuz he looks exactly like ashton kutcher yet he is so much uglier

Anonymous said...

No dead Rockets. Um Dreamshakers, I think we're really a lot better off with Skip than without him, agreed?

Can I just say that just when I think I can't loathe the Jazz more, we play another game against them.

Jazz combine the worst of everything - cheap shot whiny floppers. It's funny they're referred to as tough. Tough means you can take it, not just dish it out and then flop and cry. It's nice to see them lose. They could lose 82 games in a season and it wouldn't be enough.

If Jerry Sloan had a massive coronary and died on the court I'd just giggle. Seriously.

Also, Rockets are without Yao. Imagine the Jazz in this series without Williams. Do they break 75 points in any games?

Forshizzzle said...


Just about every questionable call went Utah's way, and the Rockets still pulled it out. It's incredibly ironic to hear Utah fans complain about officiating. If Kirilenko or Okur had one of their teeth knocked out, we'd still be waiting for play to resume while they rolled around on the floor writhing in pain waiting for the foul to be called.

jeff malone said...

Let's get serious here...the Jazz just want to seal the deal on your floor in game 5!

Hardwood Paroxysm said...

Couple things.

A. Yeah, sorry, but Morris Almond and his ridiculous range is going to pretty much tie the power of Scola, and Fessenko is pretty much a guaranteed 20 minutes, 15 points, 8 rebounds guy in about a year when he gets PT. So it's kind of a wash. That can shift if Landry develops, but having seen the Jazz rooks more than you, I can tell you, they ain't bad.

B. 20 points. 5 assists. only 1 turnover. 50% from the arc. Say it. Say you love Rafer. SAY IT! SAY IT NOW, BITCH! SAY YOU LOVE HIM! YOU FUCKING TRACER! SAY IT! YOU'RE A TRACER!

("Your mother's a tracer!")

Ah, it's so much easier for me to be able to comment on Dream Shake than the PG13 Jazz blogs.

C. Nice win tonight.

D. Important note: T-Mac had two field goals in the fourth:, and some clutch free throws. He also was trying to keep Kirilenko from falling down and that's why he got that offensive foul. Totally not his fault. He was fucked. The play called for him to go right where Kirilenko was, AK made contact, and then T-Mac had two options. Grab him to steady them both and then disconnect, or let him go, have Kirilenko flop, and pick up the offensive foul. The minute Kirilenko goe his shoulder over McGrady's arm, T-Mac was screwed. Yes, T-Mac missed that last huge jumper, but he more than made up for it with his defense. He gets that one, along with Landry.

Anonymous said...

HWP - No, the term is "inker" ok? Don't call TDS tracers, please. It's rude.

I wish we could have taken Morris Almond, actually. I watched him at Rice, and he can really shoot. And unlike Korver (Kutcher's cousin with downs) Morris can do other things (besides punch McGrady in the stomach like he did in Game 1 - didn't see that? it was on a FT). Brooks, though, is going to be pretty fun to watch, wait and see.

You shouldn't watch so many Jazz games, it's bad for your soul. Here's why: the more you watch shabby evil dickheads, the more you become a shabby evil dickhead. As long a Sloan coaches the Jazz, they're going to be a bunch of cockholes. Their players can start out the nicest guys on earth, three years in Utah and they are suppurating pustules. Watching the Jazz makes you more like an oozing sore, as well as like a sleazy Russian turd.

So, whatever difficult-to-spot good qualities the Jazz may have, fuck them.

Anonymous said...

jerry sloan is a bad person... some people i just hate as bball players but they are really nice dudes like john stockton or the dream, but sloan is really a douchebag... off the top of my head i remember reading somewhere that he would refer to john amaechi as a cunt after he knew he was gay

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more on Sloan.

Stockton, though, struck me as the kind of guy who'd cut your knees on layup at a YMCA pickup game. Probably just fine away from competition, but a total jerk in it.

Jazz culture is toxic. And they really should change their name to The Deseret Dipshits or something.

amaar said...

anyone know why the jazz fan was kicked out of the game, that led bill worrell to call the jazz fans the most classless fans in the league?

Patrick said...

Good confidence builder for the Rockets. Little things from last night (besides the fact that Carl Landry is a man-beaast):

1) One of the smartest plays last night was right after TMac made that first free throw in the fourth quarter. After stopping the Jazz, Rafer passed to TMac on the wing who was all alone. Instead of settling for an open 18 footer, TMac drove to the hole and drew the foul, making both free throws. It seemed to give him confidence and the next two times down he made shots and had that killer look in his eye. It went away after the offensive foul, but it was the first time this series we've seen that look in the 4th quarter.

2) Battier playing the entire second half on a gimpy leg (at least at the end of the game). That guy was everywhere on defense. He was flying at Williams, Okur, Kirilenko, Boozer, Millsap, etc. They should take the video of this game and send it to all the DPOY voters that didn't vote for him.

3) Continuing to abuse Kyle Korver. Everytime this guy is in the game, give the ball to whoever he's guarding as he might be the worst defensive player that actually gets substantial minutes in the league. In the first two games, Tracey was having his way with him (until the 4th quarter). Last night, everytime he came in, the Rockets went to Battier and he abused Korver.

4) The way the Rockets kept their cool in a tough environment. Strange to see the Jazz start flipping out at the beginning of the 4th quarter while the Rockets kept their cool the entire game. I had a feeling that at least one, possibly multiple, Jazz fans would complain about the refs. Yes, because a 12 free throw advantage is something to complain about. I though the refs, while a little tight on the calls, actualy did a fairly decent job. The Jazz seemed to get a few more calls in the lane which was kind of funny as the Rockets seemed to be going to the hole more often (for once).

5) ''Now we know we can win. One thing is knowing you can win, and the other is doing.''--Luis Scola

The bad: Nothing, they went into probably the toughest place to play in the NBA down 2-0 and they won when nobody thought they would. No complaints, no criticism.

Good job Rockets, keep up the momentum on Saturday.

Patrick said...


Coming back from halftime, Sager said that Delaney kicked the fan (one of the most prominent optometrists in Utah) due to him using profanity towards the referees. The fan was allowed to come back to start the second half.

Barkley also kind of recognized the guy as the same person, and I'm inferring here, that he had wanted to pull out of the stands and beat the hell out of when he was playing. Kenny commented that he's the same guy that used to try to shake the basket when the opposing team was shooting on it.

John said...

It was passion that separated the Rockets from the Jazz. Simple as that.

C'mmon Jazz fans, if you're team wanted this more, than probably it will all be over by Game 4.

But the Rockets spirit were very very determined to win this. And they did!!!

Don't forget, these were the same dudes that had like 20+ unbeaten run. Both HOME & AWAY!!!!

What about Luis Scola's performance, I'll leave that to you guys to share some comments with me....

UofTOrange said...


You have no idea how many times I've quoted to Dave " Can I explain the audience principle to you! If you insult and accost them, then we have no audience."

Eric said...

Rafer Alston was a huge factor. I knew him being back would definitely help the Rockets out. Bobby Jackson is just not meant to start and run the point. I know I joked about Rafer scoring 30, but he was close! 20 points! Landry and Scola were huge. Landry was hustling all night long. He was playing with some heart. And he lost a tooth!

T-Mac played another great game. No criticism from the media I guess since we got the win. But if we lose, oh here comes the T-Mac Bash Crew.

The flopping by AK-47, aka the Automatic Flopping Machine, has got to stop. Utah is such a physical team and the refs are usually pretty good about letting the teams play this physical game. But it seems that once the game gets into a crucial stage they turn on the poor acting abilities and the refs eat it up. All of a sudden all these bs calls need to be made just because Utah wants to flail their arms around? C'mon....

UofTOrange said...

Tracy still had a weak offensive 4th, but he paced himself. He was a huge difference in the win because instead of sulking ater missing a shot like he did in Games 1 and 2, he got back and dominated on the defensive end. He isn't getting criticism because he actually played hard in the 4th. It has nothing to do (at least not from Dave or I) with the win.

grungedave said...

(Lee goes around what I write/draw with a pen... he adds depth and shading.)

oh, and Utah, "I feel a hate crime comin' on!"

babat said... did predicted Rafer would make a difference and he sure did! Those key 3s in the early minutes set the tone and gave the guys confidence.

Actually EVERYONE played well but Landry was the hero after the guys nearly lost a 7-point lead.

I hope the guys would stay one-on-one in the next game at crucial moments and stop switching defense. We don't need any back breaking 3s.

Note to my man Dentist Deke, please save the elbow for Boozer and Williams...I hear they need some tooth extraction.

jeremy said...

The best crop of Rocket rookies came in 1998-1999 when they had that terrific trio of first rounders: Michael Dickerson, Bryce Drew, and Mirsad Turkan. Beautiful.

PS, rocket horry continues to indiscriminately place dick in his mouth.

Fredo Teabaggins said...

Great game guys! That was a real heartbreaker for us Jazz fans, especially where we gave the game to you buy missing 13 free throws.

Three points -

I'm not sure every questionable call went the Jazz way. You got called for two more fouls than we did. And that was an offensive foul on McGrady at the end.

The national media was having a shitfit about McGrady stepping up in the 4th quarter, but I'm not sure I agree. He scored more, but he missed free throws, committed an offensive foul and missed some ill-advised shots. Landry and Scola were the heros in this game. Maybe Alston too.

Boozer never said they would sweep. He said they didn't want to go back to Houston. No harm in that. I'd look for him to have a big game on Saturday.

Still, the Rockets pulled it out. Keep hope alive, right? Eh, yeah.

grungedave said...

Uh, Frodo, as Boozer was walking off the court Monday, he *clearly* said to TNT "we're not going back to Houston!"...

alas, he is. Maybe a couple times.

grungedave said...

Oh, and I completely agree with you about the McGrady situation. He did nothing special and almost hurt us in the end with fouls and bad shots.

Anonymous said...

in that picture of scola, ak47 looks like he is about to flop away from the ball.. hahah!!

kevin swiss said...

These are Sick!!

The Jazz Say

The Rockets say

K-wonder said...

Kirilenko and maybe Okur at times (after all, he is European) are floppers. I am a Jazz fan, and I will not refute this. But don't try to tell me they all are. Williams, Boozer, Brewer, Millsap, Price, etc...all guys that play tough and don't try to act for the referees. I especially won't hear it after watching Battier flop all over the court last year.

SEO said...
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