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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Game 1: Let's never do that again

Well, that was a completely uninspiring an all-over depressing effort tonight by the supposed good guys. Translation: 93-82... WHAT THE FUCK?!?! We had a Loren Woods sighting. That should about sum it up.

Things that we must improve upon (greatly) in the next 46 hours:

1. Rebounding. Yes, both teams tied with 41 rebounds, but anyone who saw the game could clearly see that Utah was far more aggressive when it mattered and got a lot of cheap/easy baskets simply by rebounding.

2. Make free throws. Did we learn nothing from the Memphis/Kansas college game? Missed free throws kill. Rockets were an awesome 18-29 from the charity stripe. When we scratched and clawed back to actually take a lead... the clanging began. Which not only cost us points, but gave the Jazz momentum. Game over shortly thereafter.

3. Cover the token white guy. The turning point in the game was letting Ashton Korver get wide-the-fuck open for two easy three point shots. He's not going to miss those. Just not going to happen. A tie game became an 8 point deficit and that was the end.

4. More T-Mac (less Tracy). Great third quarter. Then "Tracy" came in for T-Mac. No layups. Not even attempted layups. A few jumpshots. Hey, Tracy, do you know how/why you got blocked by Ashton? It's because YOU DID NOT TAKE THE BALL TO THE BASKET LIKE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO!!!!! A layup attempt becomes a blocked shot. Ugh.

5. Less Luther Head/Steve Novak. I like Novak. I really do. And I like Luther Head in small doses. Just not in this series. Both got abused. Both will continue to get abused.

Luis Scola didn't shrink from the pressure. And Shane Battier had a good offensive game (but a terrible defensive one). T-Mac was uneven. He needs to be a beast in Game 2... for if we lose that game, we may not be coming back to Houston alive. Scary thought, indeed.

For a team that beat us in the playoffs a year ago, you'd think we'd have been more motivated and ready to go from the opening tip. Guess I was wrong... maybe *I* am the only one that was out for revenge. Game 2 better be a whole hell of a lot different. In effort and result.


Anonymous said...

i think they tried really hard most of the time.. for the rebounding part, i think rockets didnt have the size the compete.. to me the rockets just ran out of choices on offense, relying on tmac too much again..(well he is the only choice we have lol)

Anonymous said...

Both teams played hard! hehe Go JAZZ!

Fredo Teabaggins said...

I think you need to erase the word cheap in your first point and leave the word easy. The Jazz got easy buckets because they didn't give up on the play like the Rockets did. They won 22 and certainly have done well without Yao, but this team is extremely overrated.

I like Battier. He is smart and tough. T-Mac is neither. His all-star light is out and will be for the rest of his career. I do think Scola is overrated. He hasn't perfected the art of flopping like Manu and his offense is terrible. He's like a Spanish, less talented version of Dennis Rodman.

Anonymous said...

i disagree with your assessment about luther head; it is quite obvious that bobby jackson is not the answer at point so what the fuck is so blasphemous about playing tmac at point and letting head move over to the two. he plays good enough d to cover ronnie brewer and bobby jackson fucking sucks.

the jizz suck

Anonymous said...

All the Rocket suck ass. Mutombo with his stupid finger waving. This ain't the '94 Nuggets, Deke. You suck shit.

And T-Mac? This guy WAS an all-star? WTF? Seriously. He looks like Sleepy Floyd and Ralph Sampson's gay love child. His defense sucks the sweat off a dead man's balls.

The Rockets should be scared that Andrei Kirilenko virtually shut down McGrady in the 2nd half. Good for the Jazz, though. This will get Andrei warmed up for Kobe, another anal-sex-loving bitch.

Pack for vacation, bitches, because you're done. Put a fork in and all that shit. Oh, and clean the oven before you leave, assholes.

Anonymous said...

Houston is clearly the worst team in the playoffs and has been the most overrated team during the regular season.

Jazz will sweep them out 4-0.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

damn that anonymous dude a couple of comments above me seriously has some issues he needs to work out. I can tell he is quite the homosexual and is hiding in the closet. don't be scared, you can come out.

fuck the jazz!
damnit yao why cant you fucking stay healthy

Amaar said...

I was curious as to how many people watch the game on espn and how many watch it on fsn. I know the audio and visual quality of espn is much better, but i still watch games on the local network because I love our commentators more than the shitheads at espn. I found out after the first quarter interview that doris burke was a lady and that the game was coming on channel 20.

Anonymous said...

Hey dilrod

I'll respond to this comment:

"For a team that beat us in the playoffs a year ago, you'd think we'd have been more motivated and ready to go from the opening tip. Guess I was wrong... maybe *I* am the only one that was out for revenge. Game 2 better be a whole hell of a lot different. In effort and result."

There is no "us" or "we." You don't play basketball. You are not a member of the Rockets. Therefore, you are not in the equation. You are a fan -- not a player.

Chances are you are not and have never been an athlete. The Rockets are the athletes. They are on the team. You are not.

YOU are the only one out for revenge? YOU? And what exactly is your role? Blogger?

And so when you say that YOU are out for revenge, does that really mean anything?

A guy who sits on his computer is out for revenge and refers to the Rockets as "we."

Doesn't really make sense, does it?

grungedave said...

I don't know what is sadder...

1. That yet another Utah fan doesn't have the courage to post as anything but "anonymous";

2. That someone was so outraged about this post that they dedicated about 100 words to telling me I am not a member of the Houston Rockets;

3. That his/her best insult is "dilrod" (are we back in the 80s?);

4. That I am actually responding to this; or

5. That someone has tried to define me as a "blogger" (a label I have avoided ever giving myself)???


Anonymous said...

Houston had the refs helping out for the first 3 quarters of game 1. I think China is saving Yow for the olympics. His foot is fine.
With out him gainst Utah the rockets really don`t stand a chance.

grungedave said...

Based on your inability to spell "Yao," I'm going to take a giant leap and assume you have no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you were the only one who "wanted revenge" in Game 2 as well.

And it could have meant something if you were an athlete who played for Houston.


0-2 hole. Good luck.