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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let's Take This Thing to a 7th Game!

Last night was an absolutely wonderful experience. After complaining about the lack of fans in their seats prior to tip-off, by about 1 minute gone in the first the crowd was fully in place and rocking. I have been to Game 7 of the Finals, and to Game 3 of the Finals and it was not louder than it was last night. The arena was absolutely electric. Apparently only the real Rockets fans (and there are real Rockets fans that didn't make it) decided to show up for this game and I could not have been prouder of the fans for the first 46 minutes of the game. Utah Sucks chants (No, it's not classy, no I don't care), Let's Go Rockets, stomping and clapping left and right, it was a great experience. I do have to take a minute to whine about fans leaving early though. There is absolutely no advantage to leaving with 2 minutes to go in the game, none. Please, next time, sit your butt down and cheer for the team who just gave you your money's worth.

I'd also like to take a moment to say something to the guys over at MyUtahJazz and here goes: FU guys! FU completely! Stop being such nice, upstanding, good fans that I feel like I have to defend Jazz fans! I really liked living in my world that assumed all Jazz fans were a-holes, that whined incessantly and went home with their ugly wifes. Now I know that most Jazz fans are good people that just love their team and aren't any more irrational about it than I am with my team. Seriously, screw you guys.

I've ridden him a lot in 3 of the first 4 games, and I will praise him as he deserves it, but Tracy was incredible last night. He didn't really change where he shot the ball from, he changed how he shot the jumper instead. He didn't fall away from the basket, instead he used repeated spin moves and picks to shoot jumpers that he was able to step into or jump straight up for. It turned into his first non-sub 50% shooting night in 23 games. Good job Tracy! Instead of using his knee as a limiter, he drove just enough that the Jazz were forced to think about it. That opened him up to a decent amount of clean looks at the rim and it paid off. Good game overall and finally a good 4th quarter.

The team moved the ball well and played phenomenal defense, we even got a few favorable non-calls on some ridiculous flops by the Jazz. I loved every minute of being there last night.

Now we just have to take care of business in Utah to bring it home!


Eric said...

What a great game! I'm glad I was able to get a ticket. It was amazing there. I still saw a lot of empty seats though.

The keys to victory?

1. Great defense. Holding the Jazz to only 69 points is a great accomplishment. They were held to only 22% behind the arc. The Jazz had 18 turnovers as well. They need to keep that intensity for the rest of the playoffs.

2. Freethrows - Basically we made ours and they missed theirs.

3. The Bench - outplayed the Jazz plain and simple

Great team effort. When T-Mac gets support like that, he can give a good effort in the 4th quarter. Not to mention he found his shooting touch. 50% is just plain great for Tracy. Rafer made 4-7 from 3pt range. Scola played a great game. He was very much a key to this victory.

We need to play like this in game 6. GO ROCKETS!

Reed said...

I envy you for getting tickets to the game. I am a "real rockets fan" but I am unable to go the game because I am a broke-ass college student who is praying that he can finish his law school within the next two years so that he can get a job and maybe some fucking season tickets.

UofTOrange said...

Totally understand Reed, I tried to purposely word that as not to offend real fans that couldn't make it. I more was trying to say that it wasn't the fairweather fans that were in attendance, because all of them thought the series was over. We got as many real fans like you and I in the building that could afford to go!

C.B. Jack said...

Damn. We got worked plain and simple. I give all of the credit to the Rockets Defense. It was inspiring to see an NBA team play defense like that. (Now the flirting ends.)

Honestly, the Jazz will win Game 6. Salt Lake City is going to be rockin' as we play the 6th man role and push our boys to victory.

We will not let them lose. Houston had it's fun and it's the Jazz's turn to lay the beat down.

Thanks have lit the fuse...

dwillforprez said...

Utah Sucks.....We're up 3-2. Scoreboard. Utah played as bad as they have played all season. Friday will be out of control and we will eventually play a good game in this series. We had the highest fg% in the league and averaged over 100 points a game. T-Mac out in the first original.

grungedave said...

FYI, Utah has yet to score 100 points in this series. The Rockets defense is that good.

dwillforprez said...

Its pathetic to hear a entire arena chanting Utah sucks. Maybe Houston needs a giant "That Jazz team was so mean and physical" therapy session. My god people, its basketball and basketball is physcial. Basketball 101, rebounding plus few turnovers= wins. If we didn't absolutely destroy you on the boards in game 1 and 2, this would be a different series. So stop sending tapes to the league and crying (Landry and Tmac) and hit back for hell sakes.

Xiane said...

Mean and physical? How about dirty and pathetic?

Here's the thing. You can be a tough team. You can be a floppy team. YOU CAN'T BE A TOUGH FLOPPY TEAM. It's not possible. So what does that leave? I suggest: pathetic, whiny, cheap-shot, scrumbags.

A team that features regular Kilrelenko "helicopter" flops with no contact can't EVER call itself tough. A team that Manu Ginobili considers over-the-top floppers can't ever ever be tough. Sorry. Not possible.

Therefore, if the Jazz are "physical" it must be because they are something other than tough, like manipulative turds who rely on the referees being unwilling to whistle all their abundant turdiness to succeed.

Can you imagine the Jazz winning one single game without their grabby, cheap-shot (I'm looking at you, Aston Kutcher's cousin with Downs) floppy crap in full effect? A really tough physical team doesn't fall down when an opposing player is within 2 feet of them. They would think that was wimpy, not tough and wouldn't do it. So what does that make the Jazz?

You Utah people seem really nice. It's a shame your coach and team are such jackholes. But they are.

Consider this: Rockets have a healthy respect and fear for the Spurs. Despite their obvious flops, we don't consider them a scummy team like Utah. We loathe the Lakers and Mavericks. But we'd never say they were pure scum, like the Utah Jazz. We're happy New Orleans is good, and have no real ill-will towards Phoenix. No, the team we hate, loathe, despise and think is the worst thing in the NBA is Utah. And we're right.

I'm sorry it's your team, but you can't borrow toughness from them if it isn't there.

C.B. Jack said...

Did you just compare the Jazz flopping to Spurs flopping?

Why don't you compare your mom to Brooke Burke?

Everyone...EVERYONE (except you dumbass) knows the Spurs are the most floppy team in the league.

Jazz are not nearly the floppers that the Spurs OR Rockets are.

Case in point, how many guys do we have with long "flop fronting" hair?


You? Scola.

I rest my case.

UofTOrange said...

Honestly, I think he did that just to get under your skin. No one actually thinks anyone is worse than the Spurs.

C.B. Jack said...

True. Good thing I'm thick skinned.

(and don't say otherwise or I'll get really pissed off.)