The Dream Shake - a Houston Rockets blog: From the "that's obvious" department: Hakeem Olajuwon elected to Basketball HOF

Monday, April 7, 2008

From the "that's obvious" department: Hakeem Olajuwon elected to Basketball HOF

Hakeem is a Hall-of-Famer. Officially.

This is not exactly "news" or "surprising" or even the slightest bit informative. We've known Hakeem was a Hall of Fame basketball player since 1994. (Okay, *I* knew before that, but the world couldn't debate me after 1994.)

Why 1994? Because Olajuwon destroyed some chump named Patrick Ewing. While Ewing's coach sat idly by and did next to nothing except try to ugly up the game and foul everyone.

What's that? Ewing got elected to the HOF, too? And Riley? Bullshit!

The namesake for the Theory that a team gets better when he leaves is a hall of famer?

Riley tried to ugly up the game for nearly a decade (New York, Miami) - to the extent the audience had enough and forced significant rule changes by the league to increase scoring. But he gets rewarded, too? Weak. So very, very weak.

Now Hakeem has to share the stage with these two lesser individuals? Shenanigans!!

(and Dick Vitale? Ugh.)

Congrats on making the Hall of Fame, Dream! We'll be sure to edit out these other guys from the induction ceremony as best we can...


Anonymous said...

u gotta tell ppl to start voting for dike's finger man. believe it or not, dikes losing to some slut called lima.;_ylt=AsHdeGPU84hQStejhPMWi.e8vLYF?urn=nba,75490

Anonymous said...

dike lost =(

Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

I'm not up on my basketball history (only started watching a few years ago), but didn't the Knicks NOT win a single playoff game since Ewing left?

Anonymous said...

The knicks went to the finals without Ewing. They lost to the spurs.

The Dream is the greatest center of all time and my favorite player of any sport ever. I was 10, 11 when we won the back to back titles and I have never seen anyone play the way Dream did and no one has ever captured my heart the way Dream did. Dream is the reason I love sports and why the Rockets are my favorite sports team of all time. I love the stros and the texans but Dream is first and always will be first. I didn't realize how sweet those championships were at the time or how long I would have to wait to feel that way again (I'm still waiting) but I knew I was witnessing something amazing. All I know is that Dream made me a sports fan. Congrats on the HOF Dream. You were a shoo-in and I thank you for giving me the fondest memories of my childhood and making me love sports.