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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Game 3: Where the Rockets must choose wisely

I see the game going in one of two directions...

Option #1 - the Rockets play with pride, stun the Jazz (and the home crowd) by not giving up. This includes rebounding, fighting for loose balls, not shooting bail-out 3s with 10 seconds on the clock, making free throws, passing the ball, constantly moving on offense, and not giving up easy layups on the defensive end, etc.

If the Rockets do this and manage to keep the game close - McGrady might feel compelled to actually play in the 4th Quarter... which might assist the Rockets in securing a "W".

This would make me happy.

Option #2 - the Rockets follow the lead of Tracy McGrady and whine and cry about everything... essentially giving up. The end.

If the Rockets do this, the Jazz will win by 20+, and we all know it.

This would not make me happy.

My prediction? The Rockets choose wisely, select Option #1, and win a close game in Utah. Making Game 4 very, very, very interesting on Saturday.


Larry the Jazz guy! said...

C.B. Jack said...

What up Dreamers...I mean Dream Shake boys. We'll be hosting a LIVE blog over on My Utah Jazz. We'd love to have you guys come and check it out if you are not out at a bar drinking your season away.

See you there!

CB Jack

babat said...

I remain optimistic that the guys can pull it off tonight but EVERYONE on the TEAM has to rise up to the occasion.

Speaking of the team, I find it intriguing that of all the playoffs teams in the West, Houston has the smallest players’ wage bill. While only marginally trailing NO and Utah, Houston is lucky not to have rookie contracts like that of Chris Paul and Deron Williams that may blow up in another year or two.

All the other 5 teams outspend Houston by at least $10M. Even though Yao may soon be entering the $19M bracket, there should still be some money to throw around if the Rockets are interested in staying competitive.

Returns are generally expected to correlate with risks (costs) and while there would always be aberrations like the Knicks, I still believe Daryl (whose MO I like by the way) and Les should open the vaults and shop for an elite point guard next season, luxury tax or not.

And as long as they stay away from Stephon Marbury and his ilk…things should be better for the Rockets.

Eric said...

Rafer Alston is going to blow up for 30 points like he did against the LA Lakers. He is the missing link. Just wait and see....

Hey I can dream, right?

grungedave said...

babat, what PG is out there on the market for us?? Rafer might actually be the best thing...

unless we can find someone to be dumb enough to let us trade up to draft Derrick Rose (who I would probably mortgage the franchise to acquire right now).

babat said...

I agree that the market is really tight and I can't even think of any disgruntled PG or SG (that can play 1) but who would have predicted the Celtics' turnaround?

I have never liked Rafer at that position; he is just not consistent (except for the 3-14 efforts!)

It's a shame that Steve Francis (31 yrs, career 18, 6, 5.6) is wasting away on the roster...maybe the effort should go towards resuscitating his career, that is assuming there are no underlying locker room issues between Francis and the other guys, T-Mac especially.

andre said...

trade tmac for joe johnson and josh smith

gilbert arenas

trade tmac for the number 1 overall pick

have tmac sell his soul to the devil for a resurrection in his career

have yao sell his soul to stay healthy

trade tmac for chad johnson

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to drop by after the Rockets' loss tonight.

0-3 is quite a hole.

grungedave said...

Anonymous, you really need to get a life if you get your enjoyment not from the Jazz possibly winning but instead from being able to trash talk anonymously on a blog to people you've never met.

C.B. Jack said...

Dave and Lee, you guys coming to the Live Blog at My Utah Jazz?