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Monday, April 21, 2008

The excuses are starting already

It's not a good sign when you lose the first game in a 7 game series and the local columnists are already writing obituaries for the Rockets AND some of the players. Seriously, guys, it's all of one game. There are 6 more to go!

Today's headline? "Playoff flop? Alexander has McGrady's back" (yes, I know Richard Justice forgot the apostrophe and the 's', but he's already got enough issues being a no-talent ass clown... no need to pile on further.)

What kills me about Richard Justice is his tendency jump to conclusions. It's like he bought Smykowski's prototype and uses it as a security blanket for his column ideas.

For example, if Justice isn't complaining about the Texans screwing up because we didn't draft Vince Young (since proven wrong), it's the 2005 Astros' season being over in May (see the article next to the infamous tombstone graphic that year). Now Justice is already making excuses and trying to explain some supposedly inevitable Rockets' playoff loss.

Today it's about the Rockets and T-Mac. And while Justice doesn't come out and write a pure gloom and doom storyline... he's setting the stage for hedging his own bet.

[Now, let me be clear - Justice is dead on correct when he says Les Alexander is a great owner of a sports franchise. He is. The decision to hire Daryl Morey was genius. It does help that Daryl Morey actually is a genius, but that's another point for another day...]

But today's column leads off with the typical McGrady is a playoff choker hook. Justice segues into the opinion on Les Alexander, but he relies on the McGrady-as-not-clutch cliche to get there. Which is sad. Yet true.

Just look at li'l Dickie's last line in the column:
"Things are against the Rockets again after Game 1."

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. I guess I shouldn't expect much from him. Of course, if McGrady goes for 40/15/8 tonight, you know Richard Justice will be the first in line to fellate him after the game.


Forshizzzle said...

What exactly is your complaint with the column? Seems like you're making something out of nothing. I never once thought to myself he was hedging his bets about anything. Things are definitely against the Rockets. Their backs are against the wall and they have to figure out a way to win...

And he is definitely right about VY. Texans would be a better team with him on the roster instead of Not so Super Mario. They'd also have a couple of extra second round picks at their disposal without having had to trade for Schaub.

grungedave said...

Richard Justice does this all the time. He gave up on the Rockets when they were 14-16...

only to re-appear at game 15 of the Streak talking about how great the Rockets are and what a joy they are to watch.

Today's column planted the seeds for him being able to say "I told you so!" if the Rockets don't advance.

He is from the Ross Perot school of flip-flopping.

Meanwhile, Mario Williams is a badass, and while I like Vince Young, the Texans are better off with Mario and the Schaub.

Andy said...

Wow, it's like no one learned anything from 1994. As I recall the second round against Phoenix went something like:

Houston media: There is NO WAY the Rockets can possibly win this series after losing the first two games at home.

Two games later...

Houston media: Um, sorry?

And the Rockets haven't even dropped a second game yet. Sheesh.

I'm kind of baffled by the negative attention towards McGrady after game 1. I thought he played fine considering the whole Utah gameplan was to take him out of the game and dare someone else to beat them. If I wanted to assign blame for the loss I'd probably start with Bobby Jackson, then maybe Luther Head? It would also be easy to criticize Steve Novak but that's really Adelman's fault for even subbing him in for Mutombo, who was feeling it on defense.

Anonymous said...

Not to turn this into a football blog or argument but Mario Williams had twice as many sacks as Vince did td passes last season. He was CLEARLY the right pick, hell, even the national media is admitting that now. How on earth can he be referred to as "Not so Super Mario" when he was 3rd in the league in sacks at the age of 22? That is just ridiculous to the point of insanity. People who still pine for Vince just aren't willing to look at facts and statistical evidence and I think it is because most of those people are longhorns and understandably love him for his college acomplishments which, while remarkable, prove nothing about his ability to be a good NFL qb.

All of that said, Richard Justice is a tool and the Rockets will not lie down. We still have lots of fight left.

Forshizzzle said...

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree Dave. I am not a big fan of Justice, but don't particularly dislike him either. Just looking at this particular column, I think it's more of a defense of TMac than anything else. And by the way, the reporters don't generally write the headlines.

I was somewhat tongue in cheek on VY, but just somewhat. I would rather the number one draft pick play like he enjoys playing football every down, and at the very least every week.

grungedave said...

No problem... if I demanded people agree with me, that would be a very boring world.

On the topic of Mr. Justice though - that ass-clown has written enough negative columns and then flip-flopped shortly thereafter that he no longer gets the benefit of the doubt.

For more Richard Justice hate? Go to Trust me.

Amaar said...

i fucking hate that douchebag.. i do not even read his articles if they are about basketball, football or baseball. basically unless he is writing one of his "heartfelt" stories, which come off as being cynical, i will not read it anymore.

same for every other mother fucker at the chron in every other section.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Richard Justice is just much smarter than you, assclown.

Nice game tonight. 0-2. Sucks to be you, huh?

Scrumtrulescent said...

please ignore anonymous Jazz flamers, they don't speak for the rest of us.