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Thursday, April 17, 2008

ESPN is On Notice

This is just.... wrong.
A double-barreled middle finger to you, ESPN:

You are all On Notice now!

Hollinger picking Utah really hurts... he was the driver of our bandwagon for so long!


Forshizzzle said...

Hollinger is all about scoring margin. He thinks that is the biggest indicator of how well a team plays. Utah has won 16 times at home by more than 20 points. I think their scoring margin at home was something like 13.8 points. On the road though, they were outscored by 0.1 points per game.

I think the Rockets outscored opponents by 7.9 points per game at home and 1.4 points per game on the road.

The Rockets are probably going to need to win one on the Jazz's home court. Based on the game on Monday night, I actually kind of like their chances. Utah is not very good defensively and I think the Rockets, at their best, will be able to steal one of the first two games in Utah.

Corn said...

The good thing is, unlike the Eastern Conference prognostications, there are only 6 guys picking the Jazz here. Not the 10 that it would be if they added in Jalen, Mark Jackson, Truehoop and the 10th one, who would also pick the Jazz. Consider yourself lucky.

Anonymous said...

Every single one of them picked us to beat the jazz last year as did sports illustrated. A lot of good that did. We have been counted out all year, when Yao went down we weren't even supposed to make the playoffs let alone get homecourt. I love the hate. The more people hate the bigger the chip gets on our shoulders. Keep doubting, we will just keep on winning.

Rockets in 7.

Anonymous said...

Everyone at picked the Jazz too.

Jazz in 6

Anonymous said...

So did, who played it out 10,000 times. They actually pick the jazz to win the whole thing!

Fredo Teabaggins said...

Jazz in Four after seeing tonight's game.

Anonymous said...

Hey douchebag,

These guys don't look that stupid now, do they?