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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Game 5, Win or go Home

Why is it that I always get busy whenever the Rockets have something big going? Work has been nuts this week and while I have had a ton of thoughts, I haven't had the time to put them down on the blog. Pair that with the fact that my new laptop didn't get here until today, and my old one has decided to not allow typing on a consistent basis and you get a gap in posts. Luckily, or unluckily if you don't like emotional craziness (I happen to be amused by it), Dave has filled in during my absence, never skipping an F-Bomb laced, TMac not driving the lane hating, beat.

Tonight the Rockets take on the Jazz in Game 5 of the first round of the NBA playoffs. If they win, it's back to Utah, if they lose, it's back to the drawing medical ward to hope and pray Tracy and Yao can finally stay healthy for an entire season together. I will be there, live and in person, sitting all by myself screaming my head off. Dave is still trying to find out if he will get a ticket from a friend, but hopefully we will both be in the building.

If we win tonight (and I'll be honest, it will have to be a hard fough win), the Jazz better watch out because this series WILL go 7. And even though the Jazz are the better team with Yao out, they might not be able to win the series in that 7th game.

On a quick note: Tracy, suck it the fudge up, stop whining. Either you can play or you can't. If you can, I do not care one bit how much you have to go through to get there. That 19MM is a good soother of sore knees.


Brendan said...

Jazz fan here.

I am betting the little touch fouls are going to be called tonight on the Jazz. I am actually thinking this will be the largest margin of victory in the series tonight in favor of the Rockets. If the refs dont allow the Jazz to play physical its gonna really hamstring a few players.

I hope i am wrong though, GO JAZZ

C.B. Jack said...

I am seeing things in a different blue light.

McTeary pissing D-Will off is like pissing off a cobra. Deron is going to go absolutely crazy tonight. 30-13-6 and 3 steals. Prepare for a one man show.

My guess is that even Houston fans will be chanting Deron's name...maybe McTeary will listen to how it's properly pronounced then.

Jazz 101, Rockets 89

Get the fishin' poles out!

Eric said...

So he's pissed off that T-Mac can't pronounce his name right? A little sensitive there, no? Maybe I can bring some Johnson and Johnson No More Tears shampoo for "D-Will" tonight since he cries about people mispronouncing his name. I'll personally apologize for T-Mac hurting his wittle feelings.

As far as T-Mac whining about being injured, the guy was asked about his knee. He's never brought it up once. Never used it as an excuse. NEVER. Not whining IMO unless he starts bringing it up without being asked.

The Jazz wont win tonight. You guys are overconfident because of the previous two wins, which came without us having our starting point guard, Rafer Alston. Homecourt advantage + Rafer Alston = Rockets Victory.

C.B. Jack said...

yawn...Please Eric.

Deron hasn't said two words about his name. It is all the fans saying it. That was weak sauce on McTeary's part. And if anyone needs some no-more-tears, is T-Mac as we saw last year.

The guys is a puss. Deal with it. Don't ever...EVER...make him sound like he's a tough guy. The guys is weak.

Presley said...

this was probably argued a great deal last year, but what exactly is wrong with t-mac tearin' up? doesn't it show he's not just about the 19mm? i dunno...i guess it could just as soon be argued he was crying because he was more concerned about his rep. seems cool that he cares about winning, though. now if he could just do it.

Eric said...

Wow CB Jack....great game from Deron...he sure went

T-Mac sure looked weak in game 5. Only 30 points. Very

The whole Jazz team is weak. Any team who's bread and butter is FLOPPING is weak. People always talk about how physical they are, but when the game gets tough they turn into a bunch of little girls who flail and fall to the ground when someone touches them. See you in game 7. Yes, I am that confident.