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Sunday, April 20, 2008

To take nothing away from the Utah Jazz...

The Jazz played great in Game 1. No doubt about it.

The Rockets, however, should have had a halftime lead (two layups where BJ kicked it out of bounds on the way up, and two defensive rebounds that were dropped/fumbled right into the Jazz' hands for easy baskets)... that's an 8 point swing right there.

The 4th quarter was abysmal. Nothing I can say to make it any better.

On a sidenote: Hey, Jazz fans... you are welcome to comment here. Really. And since you are winning 1-0, you have free reign to all the trash talking you want in the comments. But grow a pair and try not to do it anonymously. I know Banky Edwards summed it up years ago by stating that the purpose of the Internet was to slander others anonymously, but come on... I give little to no weight to those who don't even have the courage to create a fake name.

Game 2 Monday. A definite "must win"... for if we start out 0-2, well... I'm not even going to consider the possibility yet.


UtesFan89 said...

I was looking at the box-score, and have to ask... can we expect Bobby Jackson to go 3-15 every night? Cuz that would really help the Jazz out.

I really think the Rockets will struggle this series... mostly because they don't have Yao. They need another offensive weapon or two to help T-Mac out... the Rockets don't seem to have that (of course, I'm not a Rockets fan so I don't know for sure... if they do, please feel free to correct me).

T-Mac really seemed frustrated with his teammates after the game. Did you catch that too, or are we (as Jazz fans) just seeing things?

dodo said...

i do think he is frustrated.. especially after the brook past.. he had that angry look at teammates.. there were a few unacceptable passes.. another one was from head to brook -_-

Zach Smith said...

Was it just me or was there not nearly enough Carl Landry last night?

grungedave said...

Carl Landry is not healthy. That much is clear. If he were, he'd never be missing easy layups - he'd be dunking.

The Head pass to the Utah bench was a nice touch... a bounce pass to no one. The Aaron Brooks to McGrady pass was bad, but partially McGrady's fault, too (bad positioning).

All in all - an ugly game.

reed t said...

we suck

Anonymous said...

Let's review...

Every team in the west wanted Houston in the first round. Everyone wanted Houston.

Why is that? Because they know how weak the team is.

Houston couldn't beat even Atlanta in the playoffs.

Enjoy your little time in the post-season -- it ain't going to last very long.

Anonymous said...

Utah will win tonight -- guaranteed. I'll drop by after the win to say hello.

Golden State would have a much better chance against Utah -- even Portland would have a better chance.

The Rockets are easily the least talented of the 16 teams in the playoffs.

Have fun tonight...

Anonymous said...

If you think there's a difference between literal title of 'anonymous' versus 'stockton2maloneshitonakeem4ever'...well, then I understand why you think the Rockets are going to win this series. You're a retard.

Houston=Utah's bitch.

grungedave said...

Because I can trace your IP address if you actually come up with a name and register.

retard? Really? Can anyone come up with a more creative insult?

C.B. Jack said...

Dave and Lee,

CB Jack from My Utah Jazz here. The guys commenting here do not represent true Jazz fans. They are teenage trolls who just recently became Jazz fans (because they heard someone mention D-Will on ESPN) and are looking for something else to do why their chaffed members heal from all their website "surfing".

Don't hold all Jazz fans to their esteemed level.

This was a great game. I was just surprised at how un-superstar-like McTeary was after the game. Taking off your jersey in front of the fans? Big no no in my book. Calling out your teammates in the post game? another big no no.

The Rockets looked beat after the game. We'll see what tonight brings.


CB Jack