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Thursday, March 6, 2008

We should seriously open up a Psychic Hotline

The only thing better than being able to enjoy the Rockets' 16 game winning streak?

predicting it.

here. here. here. here. here. here.
And, just for good measure... here (where it all began).
Who needs a magic 8 ball? We're here to tell ya that the streak is 17 after tonight.

edit: And the bet is on. After we win our 17th in a row tonight, look for me playfully taunting some Dallas Mavericks fans over at the Big and the Brown.


Big said...

I have a prop for you. Your Yao-less Rockets are playing out Dirk-less Rockets tonight. How about a wager? I'm thinking something like whom ever's team wins, picks the pic the other site will run with their recap of last nights game. Thought it might be interesting. Hit us up. The Big and The Brown

Big said...

umm yea i'm a dumb ass

Your Yao-less Rockets vs our Dirk-less Mavs.

Jeremy said...

UofT and grunge are terrified of wagers. Lets see if one sacks up and takes it . . .

UofTOrange said...

I just don't bet on my team, but Dave will. I probably put 50 sports bets up a day when I'm in Vegas