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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rockets Win! And My Personal F the Haters Post

I didn't get to see the game last night, but was constantly refreshing the blackberry and seeing the dominance that is our 19 game winning streak. Apparently we couldn't shoot but again found a way to win, making Carter and Jefferson quit early which is the key to beat New Jersey. I can't recap it much more, so on to more pressing issues:

I'm still trying not to cuss, but some of the world really doesn't want me to fulfill my goal. I've heard countless times that the Rockets streak is against a bunch of patsies and isn't really that impressive. To which I say...lots of words that I can't have an almost 2 year old repeat, no matter how funny it is when he does. Seriously, the teams pretty much all play the same schedule, give it up already, just applaud them for what they've done, and that's kick a lot of butt. I've compiled some eye opening numbers below, keep in mind, these numbers are just to date and the Rockets have Atlanta and Charlotte on the schedule next and will win at least 21 in a row.

By the numbers:
19 wins in a row

10 wins in a row by double digits

7 wins in a row since our All Star center went out for the season

3rd longest winning streak in NBA history

31 losses since January 29th by teams over .500 to teams below .500

42 losses since January 29th by teams over .500 to the teams the Rockets have beat

46 wins since January 29th over teams above .500 by teamst he Rockets have beaten

2 teams that the Rockets have beaten that don't have a win over an above .500 team

4 losses since January 29th by the Spurs, Lakers, Jazz, Celtics and Pistons
5 losses since January 29th by the Warriors
6 losses since January 29th by the Magic
8 losses since January 29th by the Hornets, Nuggets and Cavaliers
9 losses since January 29th by the Suns and Raptors
10 losses since January 29th by the Mavericks
13 losses since January 29th by the Trailblazers
0 losses since January 29th by the Rockets

11 wins against teams .500 or below on way to 19 in a row by Houston in 07-08

10 wins against teams that finished .500 or below on way to 19 in a row by LA in 99-00

9 wins against teams that finished.500 or below on way to 20 in a row by Milwaukee in 70-71
6 teams in league with that finished.500 or below records when Milwaukee won 20 in a row

19 wins against teams that finished .500 or below records when LA won 33 in 71-72
14 wins against teams that finished above .500 when LA won 33 in a row
9 teams in the league that finished with .500 or below records when LA won 33

2 billion apologies owed to the Rockets for trying to denigrate their awesome streak

Yes, the Rockets have feasted a bit more than the 99-00 Lakers (by 1 game) and the 70-71 Bucks (by 2 games) in their streak but look at LA's 33 game streak. They won only 14 games over teams above .500 and won 19 over teams .500 or below. Why isn't LA's streak knocked down? That's 57% of their wins over teams .500 or below, the Rockets are getting knocked for that exact same 57%. And I don't recall the Lakers losing Wilt or Gail Goodrich or the Logo or Jim McMillan or even Elgin Baylor, Happy Hairston or Pat Riley during that stretch. The Rockets lost Yao Ming the best center in the NBA and have kept it going! And let it be known that 33 is ridiculous, even more so than 19 so in no way do I think LA's streak should be diminished, they played the teams in front of them.

So stop, think, and look at the numbers, the Rockets are making history, just enjoy it. And to all 4 of our readers, if you see someone knocking the streak, send them this post please.


Reader #4 said...

Amen brother. People are REALLY gonna start if they knock off the Lakers in a few days.

Forshizzzle said...

The problem with comparing this team to the other three with 19 game streaks is that those are great teams that went on to win a championship, and the Rockets are still long shots to win a championship this year. They've got a chance, but if they don't, the streak will just be a footnote to history, and the Rockets will be the one of four teams to have not won a championship the season they won 19 in a row.

By the way, Elgin Baylor retired nine games into the 71-72 season. His last game was the game prior to the win that began the 33 game winning streak.

UofTOrange said...

I did not know that about Baylor, so I guess they did lose someone, but not during the streak, so I'm directionally correct.

And I don't see why they can't win the championship, no one has shown me why any team in the West can't that is a top 9 seed

Forshizzzle said...

There's no way that Denver could make it's way through four seven game series, all without home court advantage. I'd put their chances at less than .0001%. If they drew the Hornets, they might be able to get out of the first round, but there's just no way that team, as inconsistent as they are, can win the championship this season.

And I'm not saying the Rockets can't win it all without Yao. But the task in a seven game series is going to be incredibly difficult. Especially as teams become accustomed to what you like to do on offense. And also, the streak has really gotten momentum because of the offensive spark Landry and Scola have provided. Without Chuck getting regular minutes, the Rockets weren't playing 4 on 5 on offense. Now replacing Yao with Deke and opening the door for Chuck to get minutes means that you're going back to playing 4 on 5 on offense and it's going to catch up with this team eventually. That's not to say they can't do it; with the defense they play, they can stay in the game with anyone.

UofTOrange said...

Fair enough, especially on the Denver point, I almost said top 8, but I keep getting blinded by them having Melo, AI and Camby

Scrumtrulescent said...

I'm trying to determine if being the Rockets last loss is any consolation for being behind them in the isn't.