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Monday, March 10, 2008

Lee's Wife for MVP!

So, we once again participated in the most recent round of Blogger MVP/ROY voting.

We are still pissed that Carl Landry and Luis Scola are not getting more love. And that Yao already fell out of the top 10.

But... look on the bright side - Lee's wife Brooke got not one but TWO votes! (and for the record our joint voting submission only counts as one vote...).

Blogger MVP/ROY rankings

On other note. Kobe > LBJ. Just sayin'.


Tobin said...

Hey I made some t-shirts for Carl Landry. Please leave some comments, maybe a PER rating shirt is my next task..

thanks in advance,
go rox!

Matt said...

I am confused as to why Mrs. Lee got two votes, but I can't really argue with the selection.

UofTOrange said...

She's versatile, she can tell me she hates basketball in the same season that she turns it around and says "I don't mind watching the Rockets anymore, it's actually kind of fun"

Winning cures all...