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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Dream Shake on Ball Don't Lie (Yahoo)

The incomparable J.E. Skeets over at Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie NBA blog asked the leading bloggers for playoff-bound teams in the Western Conference to provide a short synopsis of (a) what team do we want to face in the playoffs, and (b) what team(s) we'd very much be happy to avoid in round 1.

For some unexplained reason, Lee and I were selected to be the bloggin' representatives for the Houston Rockets. Surprising, I know!

Here's the link - and I strongly suggest reading Skeets and Kelly Dwyer over at BDL on an hourly basis every weekday. They are like witty and cool. What we aspire to be here.

Oh, and I hate the Utah Jazz. So very, very much.


Anonymous said...

J.E.Skeets is a dweeb. Too much of a poor man's Bill Simmons wannabe.

Ben Q. Rock said...

Fightin' words from naughtyteddy at Mavs Moneyball:
"Rockets wanna see Utah and not Dallas or SA (because he cant handle ours or SA's fans? WTF, do I need to even say more about this? What a moron. Not only am I not taking him seriously, I am not taking this team and their stupid streak seriously either.)"

Oh snap.

grungedave said...

You should see the comments on the Yahoo article itself!

I am everything from unqualified, without credentials, a moron, an idiot, stupid (the classic 'your stupid' from Jazz fans) and everything in between.

Yahoo commenters crack me up.

we already beat down Dallas... I wanna beat down Utah. What's so wrong with that?

UofTOrange said...

That's pretty funny, though for some reason they think past performance is indicative of the future. That's kind of odd since their team is pretty different than the one that beat us early.