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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Destroy the game tape. Now!


Talk about ugly.

Oh, thanks for not showing up T-Mac.
You, too, Rafer.

A combined 9 for 38. (0-6 on 3s)

Please, please God let us avoid the Spurs in round 1 of the playoffs. Please.

Luis Scola... still a badass. 24 and 7 with no help.

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Michael said...

Scola was awesome! By the way, I love that you guys have categories called "Fuck You Rafer" and "Luis Scola is a badass." By the way guys, our podcast recording got delayed so I wasn't able to have it edited and up before the game, but I kept a bit of the preview and almost everything else about the team, players and western conf. race. I'll send you both an email when it is complete.