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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Road to history

After tonight the Rockets will be in some unique company. 16 straight wins would tie them for the 6th longest streak in NBA history with:

16 in a row
64-65 Boston Celtics - Won the Championship
70-71 Milwaukee Bucks -Won the Championship
90-91 LA Lakers - Western Conference Finals Loss to the next team
90-91 Portland Trail Blazers - Lost in the Championship
99-2000 LA Lakers - Won the Championship

Beating Dallas who I'm hoping will be without the services of one German named Dirk Nowitzki would get us to 17 in a row. Looking at the list, you don't want to end your streak at 17. It would tie us with:

17 in a row
46-47 Washington Capitols - Lost in Semifinals.
59-60 Boston Celtics - Won the Championship - Don't F with a long winning streak Boston Team
95-96 San Antonio Spurs - Lost to the Jazz in the Semi-Finals
06-07 Phoenix Suns - Got hosed by the Spurs and one Mr. Big Shot Rob
06-07 Dallas Mavericks - Lost to Golden State in Round 1, HAHA

Here's where the sweet spot is, 18 games in a row guarantees you a good run. We'd need to beat Dallas on the road AND then New Orleans at home, tall task indeed.

18 in a row
69-70 NY Knicks - Willis Reed and Walt Frazier didn't F around, Won the Championship
81-82 Boston Celtics - Won 63 games but lost in the East Finals to Philly and Dr. J
95-96 Chicago Bulls - Greatest season in NBA history, Won the Championship, also had a 13 game streak that season

Added to our Dallas and New Orleans needed wins, the Rockets would need to then beat the New Jersey Nets at home, a much easier task than the first two.

19 in a row
99-2000 LA Lakers - Won the Championship 67-15 on the season

At Atlanta would bring the next needed victory to get to 20 in a row, we would destroy them if it came to this.

20 in a row
70-71 Milwaukee Bucks - Won the Championship with Kareem and the Big O, that's just unfair

I find it odd that streaks went up to 20 and then the Lakers blew it away going to 33. Even I'm not drunk enough on the Kool-Aid to say this is going to happen, but... you never know... I mean, there are enough games left in the season to get to 38...

33 in a row
71-72 LA Lakers - Won the Championship, and did I say the Bucks were unfair? This team had Gail Goodrich, The Logo, Wilt the Stilt, Pat Riley and Elgin Baylor

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