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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Win number 20? Rockets versus Atlanta #2

The Rockets traveled to Atlanta yesterday and will take on the Hawks tonight in Philips Arena at 6PM CST looking for win number 20. They'll have to do it without Carl Landry (did not make the trip) who did all the little things last time around, but only had 6 points.

Atlanta Hawks: 26-37 (19-12 at home) 3-7 in their last 10

Houston Rockets: 43-20 (19-11 on the road) 10-0 in their last 10

Here is a recap of the last 10 games at home for the Hawks:
Loss in OT to Portland 111-109
Win over New Jersey 104-92
Win over Philly 96-91
Win over LA Lakers 98-95
Loss to Cleveland 100-95
Loss to Detroit 94-90
Win over Sacramento 123-117
Win over NY 99-93
Loss to Golden State 135-118
Win over Miami 97-94

In their losses they are averaging 103 points and giving up 110. In their wins they are averaging 102.8 and giving up 97. Looks like if they play a little bit of defense then they can outscore you since they are averaging the same amount of points in their wins and losses. It's actually a testament to them that they haven't been blown out at all in those 10 games.

The Rockets are looking to add to the 108-89 drubbing they put on the Hawks on the 9th of February, very early in the streak. They are also looking for a little payback on the Hawks. Dave stole my thunder earlier, but these Hawks need a beat down for ending our 15 game winning streak, a streak that would have eventually gone to 23 without that loss. So I really hope the guys will think about that. Tracy seems to need something new each day for motivation, so there you go TMac, win one for Dream and Otis and Horry and Cassell and The Jet and hell even old Mad Max!

This preview is short, but I'm hoping my attention span tonight can be as well.
What's my prediction? Like you had to ask, 20 in a row on the way to at least 21


Forshizzzle said...

Feigen wrote about this being a trap game in his blog yesterday, and kind of dismissed it since people are pointing to it as a trap game. And with the energy the Rockets are bringing each night, it's hard for me to imagine them not being ready or up for this team.

But as Feigen pointed out, the Mavs, Suns, Jazz, Lakers and Nuggets have all walked away from their only trip to Atlanta as losers. I think the Rockets will get this one, but hopefully they can pile it on early and get the young team to give up.

Jeremy said...

This one should already be counted in the win column. Woodson says Acie Law The Fourth may be ready to go on Saturday, so until then they are a shell of the team that has been staying in the Eastern Conference playoff race.

Your Houston Rockets have now tied the second longest NBA winning streak at 20. Congrats.