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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is not *just* a Rockets blog

For those that may have been confused by the Kobe posts... allow me to explain.

The purpose of this blog was initially for me to air my grievances against the suckiness that is/was Rafer Alston (though he's playing phenomenal right now - he sucked donkey balls in November/December). I will continue to make such complaints here.

Other 'purposes' were to make random posts to continue the plea to get Robert Horry in the Hall of Fame; develop a site to fawn over the '94/'95 Houston Rockets championship teams; and to post ANY and all other random NBA or sports related thoughts in this space. Whatever we felt like writing about is to be considered fair game.

This is NOT just a "Rockets blog" - though 99.9% of the posts are about the Houston Rockets.

Yes, you read that right. In the offseason, there may be a ton of Astros/Texans related posts here. We've already made a few posts about Roger Clemens and other non-Rockets topics.

In fact, for those that might want to know, while I am a huge Houston Rockets fan, I am also an NBA fan and will watch any NBA game that's on TV (Miami Heat excluded). Just to get a better perspective, here are my top 10 favorite all-time NBA players. You'll see that they are not just Rockets players. I like being diverse.

1. Robert Horry.
2. Hakeem.
3. Kobe Bryant. Yes, Kobe.
4. Reggie Miller. Reggie was a badass.
5. Yao.
6. Clyde.
7. Sam Cassell.
8. Penny Hardaway pre-microfracture.
9. T-Mac.
10. essentially ayone else not named "Karl Malone" or "John Stockton" or "Patrick Ewing".

That is why I participated in the Kobe Bryant Blog Day over at Hardwood Paroxysm. I am a huge Kobe fan, but I hate the Lakers. Yes, I can reconcile the two.


Matt said...

The fact that you guys don't pigeonhole yourselves into JUST Rockets coverage is another reason I like this place.

Well, that and the fact that there really aren't any other good Rockets blogs out there.

And, also, the fact that I am easily amused.

Anonymous said...

my bad, i thought becasue your title said "the dream shake - a houston rockets blog" that meant it was a rockets blog.

i love the site and find the last few posts you made very disheartening becasue i had agreed with so much of what y'all said. but i cannot back the kobe fan stuff. by all accounts he is a cheating (raping?) prima donna cancer who tried to force a trade after forcing shaq out. he's a punk. is he amazing? yes. does he deserve the mvp? hell no. lebron does more with less and cp3 is just as valuable if not more on a team that is almost as good.

the fact that you rate him higher on your favorite player list than yao and tmac boggles my mind. truly, there are no words for how much i hate that arrogant prick. he is a phony and, i hate to keep coming back to it, but he also might be a rapist. he's a quitter as well. case in point, game 7 against the suns two (or 3) years ago in the playoffs. and this seson for the first 10 or 15 games.

wow. really. kobe freaking bryant? really?

also, your placing horry over the dream in your top 10 favorite players is an abomination to all that is good and holy in this world. i love big shot rob but there will never be anyone higher than dream.

i don't mean to be overly negative. i was just amazed that kobe bryant appeared in this blog and you didn't hate him. "it's kobe's world and we're just living in it" ugh. gross.

also, i don't want you to think i am a coward becasue i have posted anonymously, i already signed up for the blogger crap but don't know my password etc.

UofTOrange said...

A couple of things:
1. This is a Rockets blog first and foremost, Dave's just touchy.
2. It's a blog Dave and I created, so we'll talk about whatever comes up at the time.
3. Robert Horry is awesome, but Hakeem is my favorite player of all time.
4. I don't begrudge anyone who chooses their own favorite player, unless that player is Malone or Stockton
5. Kobe's not a rapist, sorry, there was absolutely no proof and the case was thrown out
6. I'm not a Kobe lover and this whole Kobe Day was requested at the behest of our friends over at Hardwood Paroxysm and those guys just happen to hate Kobe more than anyone else on the planet
7. Horry is higher on my list than McGrady as well, he's been around much longer, I'm not going to apologize for this as it's my favorite player list, not anyone elses
8. The MVP list this year is 1. CP3 2. Kobe 3. LeBron
9. Get blogger to email you your password and come back, though we may disagree on this topic we apparently agree on a lot of other things
10. I hope Kobe has 3 points on Sunday

Carl Winslow said...


How can you have Robert Horry over T-Mac. I agree that T-Mac is "She-Mac" and even, "Achy McLady" but, he is the greatest basket-ball player Houston has seen since Hakeem Olajuwon.

Don't get me wrong. Yao is the MVP of the team but T-Mac is the best and most talented player on this team.

I believe the streak we are currently witnessing is a testament to the Rockets team chemistry, Tracy McGrady's unselfishness, and Rafer Alston's unselfishness.

Not to mention Rick Adelman doing a great job of getting every single player involved.

Also, you guys need to give props to Rafer Alston. He has been sold as a starter for 2 years in a row. The reason his numbers look better and he is more consistent is because he finally has a legitimate reserve to give him a breather.

I know, I know. He can be the most frustrating player on the team (i.e. the ugly tear-drop) next to Luther Head. Thankfully both of these guys are draning 3 pointers.

Bottom Line:

I am enjoying this winning streak just as much as the Rockets. Game to Game.

With that said, I am ready for a test.....Sunday is when the real playoff push begins!

I'd like to thank you guys for all of your amusing posts. I check the site multiple times a day and I hold you accountable for 60% of my "Rocket Porn".


Thurogood Rocketsfan

grungedave said...

So, T-Mac is more talented than Horry. What's your point?

The list is about *favorite* players. Not "best players I ever saw on my home team."

Yao is great. T-Mac is great. But they have yet to bring me the joy that Horry did in '94/'95 (plus I tend to prefer role players as "favorites").

If/when Yao and T-Mac win a ring in Houston, I reserve the right to update my favorites list.

And yeah, Kobe is my guy. You can hate him for infidelity, but then you'd have to hate pretty much every Rocket to ever suit up, too. No exceptions to hypocrisy just because they jersey says "Houston" on it.

Also, Anonymous, believe it or not we like punctuation and proper grammar/spelling here (even though Lee hates editing and loves extra apostrophes). If you want us to take you seriously, learn to type - which includes using the shift key to capitalize letters.

grungedave said...

^^ *they*/the.

I should learn to spell when I rip someone else for their bad editing.