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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rockets and Celtics - a pro/con list!

The Boston Celtics come to town tonight. Lee tells me the game is on TNT at 8:30pm because it's a marquee game. So I have to wait an extra hour for my entertainment now? That's a bunch of crap! Anyway...

I've constructed a pro/con list to truly gauge tonight's matchup and the viability of a potential 23 game winning streak:
Pro: The Rockets are really good.
Con: The Celtics' record (53-13) suggests they might actually be better.

Pro: The Rockets are at home tonight.
Con: Boston is 24-8 on the road, including last night's victory over the Robert Horrys.

Pro: St. Patty's Day was yesterday... no distractions!
Con: St. Patty's Day is over. :-(

Pro: Ray Allen unlikely to play tonight!
Con: Yao is not walking through that door.......

Pro: But Carl Landry just might!
Con: Boston still has that KG guy.

Pro: The Rockets still have T-Mac.
Con: The Celtics also have Paul Pierce. And Sam I Am.

Pro: The Celtics played last night... it's a back-to-back for them!
Con: It's not like KG is prone to getting tired.

Pro: The Rockets are on a 22-freakin'-game winning streak!
Con: Yeah, there's no "con" for that - we're awesome.

Pro: Rafer Alston is coming off a career high 31 point effort on National TV!!!
Con: Rafer might actually think he's good now. Uh oh.

Pro: T-Mac is unlikely to have a 4-16 game again tonight.
Con: Rafer probably will...

Pro: The Rockets are the #1 team in the Western Conference.
Con: The Celtics are the #1 team in the Eastern Conference.

Pro: The Eastern Conference sucks.
Con: Boston is 21-4 against the West.

Pro: Shane Battier is the Defensive Player of the Year.
Con: Shane can't guard KG *and* Paul Pierce. Or can he?

Pro: We have Luis Landry.
Con: Ha ha! There is no "con" here! Suck on that, Boston!

Go Rockets... 23 in a row! What a cool number for a Streak.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... last I checked, your beloved rockets are losing by 12. To bad the streak had to end at home. Bust out the kleenex Tracy! I love this!
Jazz Fan since '86 (that's right I remember Stock dropping that 3 over Barkley!)

UofTOrange said...

Do you also remember the Rockets kicking your ass at Utah in game 5 and then winning a championship your team has never had?

Oh, and I truly hate the Jazz. You know, the team not in first place like the Rockets are

Anonymous said...

yeah i know cant wait for the rockets to beat the jazz again

Dave said...

Looks like the weak ass eastern team beat your Rockets. You Rocket fans are a Joke. I bought Rocket season tickets when I moved here 15 years ago and it was empty at every game. They won the championship that year and all you big sports fans declared yourself the biggest Rocket fans your whole life. Championships weren't even sold out til game 7 against the Knicks. Total Bandwagon town. I was shocked when I went to Rocket games after spending my life at Celtics games. No Fan Support and the dullest atmosphere. Talk to me when you pass the Celtics record in your weakass barely score 70 against the Celts conference. Later Rocket Fan.
Never underestimate the heart of a champion. Make me Puke.