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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yes, it was a win. No, I am not happy with it.


To: Members of the Houston Rockets (except you, Mike James)
From: Management
Re: Last night's game against Minnesota

Hey, what the hell happened last night? You let the Minnesota Timberwolves stick around and actually take a lead for a little while in the 4th quarter? Look, we know that Al Jefferson is kinda good. But he's not an all-star (yet). Sebastian Telfair is the poster child for bad point guard play. The idiot Minnesota coach only gave Corey Brewer 8 minutes of run, too! And yet you let Minnesota think they were actually "in" the game with you?!? Even Antoine Walker was playing hard - we haven't seen that in many a year!

Also, Carl Landry, we love ya here, but beating Minnesota is not exactly cause for a big celebration. Calm down rook, and just keep playin' hard like you have been.

Anyway, Rockets, the last time you won by 31 and the game was over in the 2nd quarter. This time you almost made me have to retract an entire "scrimmage" based post from yesterday. Not cool. I was not impressed.

Put it another way: if you play like this on Thursday, the LeBrons will have a field day.


Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen Walker play hard in a year then you have not been watching the Timberwolves at all.
Really shouldn't make comments that prove you're an idiot.

grungedave said...

Sorry, but standing around the three-point line chucking 3s and not bothering to go for the inevitable rebound....... that isn't exactly "playing hard"

and next time you want to call me an idiot (which is fine), at least have the balls to not do it anonymously.

UofTOrange said...

To be fair Dave is an idiot, however, it's not his fault in this case, Minnesota hasn't been on national TV, and he did suck completely in Miami last year in the games I saw. I still like him though and think he got a raw deal with all the trades he's gone through.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot and I am sick of idiots like you making comments about a team you obviously don't watch.

Walker bashing is in. Always has been but that doesn't make your correct.
Fact is Walker has been NOTHING but a positive influence in Minny. So you making stuff up proves me right

grungedave said...

A positive influence? Sir, you must be joking. Granted, anything is a positive influence when compared to Ricky Davis - but you can't really be that shortsighted.

Let's see, Antoine has "led" the T-Wolves to an astonishing 10-37 record, all the while shooting 37% and forcing his fat ass into the game for 20 minutes each night - taking time away from young guys who need in-game experience (Gomes, Richard, Gerald Green and especially Corey Brewer).

Or is it the 51% free throw shooting on the season that's the true positive influence?

All this, and for only $8.3M! What a deal!

UofTOrange said...

You are really harping on a pretty innocuous comment man. I'm sure Antoine has been good to have around. An experienced veteran that seems to have had fun playing most of his career. Calling people idiots for their opinion is a little silly though. How about you say "You're mis-informed, Anotine has been a great addition to the team talking with the guys, showing them the NBA ropes, etc." instead of calling people idiots. Dave's far from an idiot, maybe misinformed on this particular opinion, but that does not make him an idiot. I like Walker, always have, my opinion is that on the court he has made a lot of bad decisions with the ball in his career. No, I haven't seen him in Minny much, but you have a great opportunity to explain why he is playing hard on a daily basis, something that has rarely been true of his NBA career. Instead of doing that you're calling someone an idiot. It really doesn't add up to helping, just bashing.