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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Out with the crazy, in with the wins!

Bye, bye Bonzi!

(you too, Mike James!)

Hello, Bobby Jackson!

Trade one former Rick Adelman favorite for another. But I like the one we are getting. For the first time in what seems like forever... we have an actual legitimate 6th man off the bench. I'm okay with Rafer starting so long as Bobby Jackson is the closer. That does kill a lot of playing time for Aaron Brooks, but he'll get over it.

Of course... odds are Bobby will get hurt on the plane flight to Houston. I'm willing to risk it.


Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

My initial reaction was, WTF? Trade away our best sixth man, the one guy we have who causes matchup problems with opposing guards? Is the front office giving up on going deep into the playoffs and building for next season with the money saved on the Mike James transfer (easily the best thing about the trade)?

After a while, I thought, yeah, okay, it's not so bad. We still have Carl Landry coming off the bench, though opposing teams seem to have figured him out since his initial offensive breakthroughs. Plus there's no way we're going to re-sign Wells in the offseason; he'll be asking for more money than we can afford. I'm not familiar with Bobby Jackson so I'll take your word on how good he is.

But this deal strikes me as a "building for the future" type thing. And with the wear and tear of a 10+year NBA career obviously catching up with McGrady, the window's closing really fast...

grungedave said...

This is not a trade for the future... this is a trade for now. Bonzi has had maybe 3-4 truly good games all year. He plays no defense and can't make layups. He's a terrible sixth man because he dominates the ball too much.

Bobby Jackson fills a point guard void, reduces pressure on Rafer and our favorite midget rookie AND he's a veteran playoff performer.