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Friday, February 22, 2008

Could it be 11?

The Rockets take on the New Orleans Hornets tonight at 7PM CST in Louisiana.

New Orleans Hornets: 37-15 (18-8 at home) and 7-3 in their last 10

Houston Rockets: 34-20 ( 17-11 on the road) and 10-0 in their last 10 (Ed Note: F YOU DAVE, you could have just changed it!)

The Hornets have won 5 in a row after a rough 3 game losing streak against Golden State at home, then Sacramento and Utah on the road. They are 17-4 to the Rockets 18-4 in the new year making them the second hottest team in the new year. Tonight both team have the ability to claim hottest overall team and the Rockets have a chance to gain a full game on the first place Hornets.

The Hornets stole a game, or rather they kept playing hard in the 4th and the Rockets forgot to do so at home the last time they played. It was brutal, Dave was there in person and I think he almost cried after the game.

My man crush on David West and CP3 has been documented, both of them are everything that is right about the NBA. They play hard every night and are better than anyone could have imagined. I'm nervous about tonight, but for some reason I think we figure them out.

Check out At The Hive for analysis about the Bonzi, MikeJ and Bobby J trade here

What's my full of myself and the Rockets prediction? 11 in a row, cause why not??

Meant to do this earlier, but I suck and forgot. The Hornets have two great blogs, AtTheHive, already linked above and Hornets 24/7 game preview


grungedave said...

Yo! We are 34 and 20. 34! Just because we only beat the Heat - it still counts!

Neil said...

Just stumbled upon this blog today. Great stuff. I've adopted the Rockets as my new favorite NBA team since I've been following Carl Landry from Purdue (Huge Boilers fan!).

Anyway, keep up the great, I plan on visiting the site daily from now on!

Forshizzzle said...

Everyone keeps forgetting the hottest team in the new year (Utah Jazz are 18-3 since Jan. 1).

Hornets are a tough matchup because Tyson can get to the rim and the refs let him knee, hack and push Yao all game long. CP3 can get to the paint at will and that usually leaves David West open for an 18 footer.

I have a feeling the Rockets will get this one though. Refs are going to get Chandler in a bit of foul trouble and TMac going to go off for 40.

Anonymous said...

The Hive thinks Bonzi is good defensive player! Hehehe...

grungedave said...

The Hive also thinks that Mike James is a "pass first" player!!! ahhahahahahahaha

UofTOrange said...

Come on guys, Rohan is good people, he's just excited for his team.

New Orleans said...

Hahahaha. I guess watching Bobby Jackson for two years has just skewed my perception a ton. Although, I gotta admit, he's been playing great team basketball as of the last two months.

Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

Damn it, why does ESPN Australia have to show the stinky Cavs/Wizards game instead of this? Judging from the boxscore I missed out on something special.

UofTOrange said...

Post about the game up, but holy shit that was an ass kicking!

Oh, and always check out, there is usually a link to where you can watch the game online there.