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Sunday, February 24, 2008

We win again! And again... and again...

That's 12!!!!!!

Rockets clearly the hottest team in the NBA right now. And with four more home games in a row, the streak could conceivably reach 16. Which would be the longest in the NBA this season, and would also be a franchise record.

Just imagine if we could shoot free throws!

or if Luther Head could learn how to make a post entry pass!

or if they'd stop calling B.S. fouls on our foreign guys!

or if Rafer would stop taking stupid shots and turning the ball over 6 times!

Go Rockets!


John said...

12 wins in a row really show how much this Rockets ticks together as a team.

As for SCOLA, was happy with his performance despite of the foul trouble.

What are your thoughts about him tonight?

Andy said...

The nice thing about the game is that the Rockets handled the Bulls despite bricking a lot of free throws, playing almost no transition defense, and generally playing like they were really bored for most of the night.