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Saturday, February 9, 2008

An overview of my weekend

Last night... no Rockets game to watch. Naturally this led to the decision to drink heavily and play cards. Success!

Today... headache. Wake up at 10:30am, only to have to drag my ass to the office. And do some real, actual work. On a Saturday. Yup, and I'm gonna need to come in on Sunday, too it looks like (yeah, we didn't lose anyone, but I do need to play a little "catch up" before Monday). Maybe I can play a little Tetris while I am here (??).

Nevertheless, I will be making time to get home by 7:30pm so that I can sit on the couch and watch Yao and the gang destroy the Atlanta Hawks. Joe Johnson is an all-star? Maybe Tracy will show him what a real All Star looks like tonight.

Shawn Bradley - he shouldn't have been standing there! Ahhhh, the old Tracy McGrady. The one I hope shows up tonight. Go Rockets!

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