The Dream Shake - a Houston Rockets blog: Phil Ivey hates the Utah Jazz, too

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Phil Ivey hates the Utah Jazz, too

Noted professional poker player Phil Ivey was at the Lakers/Jazz game last night...

courtside, naturally.

Oh, he's the only person sitting down in this picture:

My guess? Ivey is a noted Houston Rockets fan, so he was just there last night to make sure the Utah Jazz lose. Even Phil Ivey hates the Utah Jazz. Looks like we have something in common.

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The Review Chick said...

I knew there was a reason he was my favorite poker tour player... not to mention I love that he's always jamming to tunes while he's in the lower rounds of the tournaments!

Yeah for Phil Ivey!! :)

Thanks for keeping a smile on my face guys!