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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random playoff thoughts now that Rockets are out

That Chris Paul guy is really, really good. Imagine how good he'll be when he's 1/2 as good as Rafer Alston!

Deron Williams is really good, too, but he's no CP3 just yet. Sorry, Utah.

Players who are not good? Luther Head.

Detroit could be a really scary team if they could find a way to stay awake for an entire 48 minute game. But it doesn't look like that is going to happen.

San Antonio cannot win in even numbered years. Sorry, Robert Horry.

Why the hell is Phoenix so eager to let Mike D'Antoni go? They should get rid of the Fat Ass first. They were fine until he showed up.

Kobe Bryant is going to be the MVP. He's my favorite non-Rocket still active in the league (hello Reggie Miller!), but even I would have voted for Chris Paul this year.

Yes, I still view Robert Horry as a Houston Rocket....... *I* didn't trade him for Barkley.

Did Toronto actually make the playoffs? I don't remember their games being on TV. Ever.

Boston had its wake up call. The LeBrons are toast.

Joe Smith, however, has escaped the exclusive Tracy McGrady club. Translation? He has finally made it to the second round.

Adonal Foyle is still in the NBA? Wow.

The Utah Jazz still suck. And I hate them.

The referees have been quite awful (again) this year. If it is a foul, call it. But don't call it a foul the first time and then ignore the same infraction later just because it's the fourth quarter. That's weak.

David Stern probably wants to fine me now.

I think Carlos Boozer's acne broke my HDTV.

Luis Scola: still a badass.

The Eastern Conference really is that bad.

If Denver were in the East, they'd be no worse than the #3 seed.

The Rockets would have beaten every team in the East except Boston. And maybe Detroit. But only "maybe".

I actually miss Bill Walton's commentary.

I'm very thankful for Charles Barkley's commentary. And JVG.

If the Celtics win the whole thing, would Doc Rivers be the worst coach to ever win a ring?

If Phil Jackson wins his 10th ring, could his ego actually get bigger?

It's too bad Michael Jordan hates Isiah Thomas. How awesome would it be if MJ were to hire Zeke to be his assistant?

The Jason Kidd and Shaq trades sure worked out, huh?

If I were to vote for MVP, I would have voted (in order): CP3, Kobe, KG, Dwight Howard... and then LeBron. I'm getting sick of people saying LeBron is the best player in the NBA. He's not. He's very, very good... but he's not the best. Yet.

Am I the only one who constantly feels the urge to punch Matt Harpring in the face?

Carmelo Anthony: dumb, moronic or just a lush?

Was it really just two years ago that the Mavericks were 2 games away from sweeping the Heat? (Then the refs stepped in...)

I really think the Lakers will win the whole thing, but New Orleans is even better than I previously imagined.

The Houston Rockets are going to kick ass in 2009!


Presley said...

The injustice of it all. T-Mac has to suffer through another offseason post-first round defeat (and hear about it plenty) while teams like the Cavs and Magic get to masquerade as better teams "because at least they made it past the first round". And the capper? The Utah Jazz will go on to win absolutely nothing yet again, providing no solace whatsoever for defeating Houston.
'Stros in '08.

aboy said...
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andre said...

Hilarious post, yet I disagree with your sentiment that Lebron should have gotten fifth. The point of your blog is to put your opinion out there so I am not going to say that you are wrong nor am I going to try to convince you. However I do feel that Dwight Howard should not be ahead of Lebron only because his supporting is SO much better. I think a case for CP3, Kobe, KG, and Lebron could be made and I would have been okay with any one of the four winning it. However my personal rankings would have been: CP3, KG, Kobe, Lebron.

I also think that he is the best player in the NBA right now. If he would cut down on his 3 point attempts, I think he would drastically improve next year. Also, Kobe is probably my favorite player in the NBA after Yao, but I seriously think that he CANNOT make his teammates better.

Also, not sure if Ya'll are football fans, but I would definitely read a Texans blog by Ya'll.

First time commenting.

grungedave said...

well, before aboy deleted his comment, he asked about a Texans Blog...

First, hell yes we are football fans.

Second, the best Texans blog on the 'net is located here. It's called DGDB&D.

Third, Dwight's team had a better record and his supporting cast isn't exactly filled with All Stars.

andre said...

I was aboy, I just changed it to my real name cuz aboy sounded really gay. I had not posted before with my gmail account and I made it when I was 18 so I created another one with my real name lol.

UofTOrange said...

Go check out, those guys are great and are really funny

Amaar said...

whoa... that is really weird. when i was in around 3rd grade i went by aboy. and now people call me andre after andre johnson for my superior athleticism on the football field.
in fact, my ps3 username has andre in it.

that is some crazy coincidence.