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Friday, May 30, 2008

Bench Robert Horry? You lose.

Hey, San Antonio... when you have a proven asset on your roster, it is usually wise to actually exploit this asset before the Mamba sends you home for the summer.

To recap:

With 2.1 seconds left in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals... the Spurs were down by 2 points. And they had possession -- with an inbounds play to be drawn up. Hmmm, down 2 points, time running out and trying to avoid going down 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals... that sounds very familiar. Oh, yeah, now I know why!

So, Coach Pop draws up a play for the most clutch NBA playoff performer of all-time, right? (No?!?!?) How the hell does Robert Horry not get the ball there?

Sure, Brent Barry was fouled. No, that's never actually going to be called a foul there. Plus, the dude was 30 feet from the basket and facing the wrong direction. As far as designing in-bounds plays go - that one was quite awful. Horry may not have made a shot to that point in the game, but the entire building knew he would have made a 3 to win that game if you got him the ball. Idiots.

THEN, adding insult to injury...

In what might have been Big Shot Rob's final NBA game, how do the Spurs use him?

You gotta be f--king kidding me... a DNP-CD??

Just for that, the Spurs deserved to lose.


Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

Are you kidding? Robert Horry shouldn't have played at all this season. He can't shoot (19% for the playoffs) and he can't guard anyone. He let a crucial rebound bounce off his leg in the final minute of Game 4. I'd argue that one of the reasons the Spurs lost was because they allowed to play Robert Horry so many minutes to begin with while contributing so little in return. (Except that the Spurs were never a deep team to begin with.) He's a walking corpse, and I won't be surprised if he retires after this. He should have two years ago.

I understand that this blog has a huge crush on Horry, but Big Shot Rob is long dead. Any Spurs fan would tell you that.

Adam said...
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grungedave said...

Adam, we linked to Adande's column earlier - and I know what Horry said, but I think even he knows that he's mostly done. He spent the last two seasons getting by on wit and veteran tricks.

If he's less than 100% physically he's mostly rendered a jump shooter with no lateral quickness.

And yes, Jeffrey, this blog will always give the benefit of the doubt to Big Shot Rob. Let's face it, if a team employed him at any time throughout his career, that team procured a championship ring 43.75% of the time. That's pretty damn good. And if Horry was not a member of those teams, the percentage would have been 0%.

Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

Which doesn't change the fact that he was useless this season.