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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ding, Dong!

... the Wicked Witch is dead!

Enjoy yet another ringless year, Utah.

(oh, and thank you, Kobe... I can rest easy again knowing that the Jazz will once again not win anything. I am "okay" with the Lakers, Pistons or Hornets as Champs... maybe even Boston or San Antonio. Just please not Cleveland.)

Hey, Utah, maybe next year... try not having your (second) best player foul out with 4 minutes left in an elimination game. Just a thought.

What am I thinking... Utah not fouling?
That's unpossible.


Presley said...

i think it's important to encourage jazz fans that jerry sloan sees the team as making huge strides this year, though. don't worry, utah. sloan's 35-year plan to get you a championship is still on pace.

Fredo Teabaggins said...

Sour grapes from a team that didn't make it out of the first round AGAIN, despite having home court advantage AGAIN. But that's ok. Blame it on the refs. Blame it on the fouls. Blame it on no Yao. What will you blame it on next year?

Seriously, man.

I can live with losing, because I don't bow out crying like some bitch. The Lakers were better and we missed our chances. Darn. Good thing there is next year.

I can't wait to come to your blog next year and see the excuses/whining/crying.

Oh, and PS, if you think the NBA and David Stern are in some conspiracy, then you've answered your question as to why Utah is ringless. Can you say Michael Jordan? Yes, you can.

Show some consistency in you rhetoric will you, Captain Ballsack? Or lay off the booze. Something. Anything. Because you're thought process and writing is...ridiculous and without logic.

Casey said...

Well stated... the guy posting these comments is a freakin moron! The jazz are one of the finer teams in the NBA... maybe they don't have a championship, but they don't cry when they lose like most other teams. They hold their heads up high and look forward to the next game... some people are so one sided and stupid.