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Friday, May 2, 2008

We're not going back to Utah!!!

Game 6. Tonight. 9:30pm.

If I see anything like this after the game... I am going to be very, very depressed.

I do want to see a lot of this though (and no, I'm not talkin' about Yao):

I am strangely confident that the Rockets will win tonight. I am not even the least bit nervous. Which is very rare for me. Or I could just be really, really drunk and not realize it.

Anyway, while Carlos Boozer failed to back up his statement that the Utah Jazz were "not coming back to Houston" - the Houston Rockets certainly are not going back to Utah after tonight's Game 6. Yes, I feel quite confident that no member of the Rockets will spend any amount of time in the state of Utah until the beginning of next season.

Of course, while the Rockets are in Utah for tonight - they might as well go to work, play hard, and come back to Houston with a victory. I'm just hoping beyond hope that the NBA sends referees that are also willing to go to work (and by "work" I mean "blow the freakin' whistle!"). Matt from HP cares not for my ref-based bitching, but he hasn't had to endure the Jazz/Rockets rivalry for the past 15-20 years. Refs are always an issue. Especially when Utah employed that thug Karl Malone.

(Yes, this is a photo of Tracy and Mr. Tim Donaghy. I am not subtle.)

Solution? Tracy - take the ball to the basket. Make the referees blow the whistle. Then - most importantly - make your freakin' free throws! All of them. No 4-8 performances tonight.

Also, Scola needs to make his layups in traffic, Rafer needs to shoot at least 35%, Luther Head needs to not play at all, Shane needs to make a couple 3s, Mutombo needs one big early finger-wag to piss off the crowd, Landry needs to get 5 offensive rebounds, Chuck/Scola/Landry need to NOT get in foul trouble, and Bobby Jackson must shoot better than 1-10. Is that asking for too much???

This thing is going 7 games.

Go Rockets!


C.B. Jack said...

I just did some research on your statement of "This thing is going 7 games".

I just checked with the judges, jesus, and the internet, and all three confirmed that you are wrong.

Freeze mudda bitches!

Reed said...

I seriously hate Jazz fans. Especially these cocky dudes from that crap-hole of a blog.

And in my last comment a couple of days ago, I was not getting pissed off at you, just at my life in general.

grungedave said...

CB Jack,

I talked to *Joseph Smith* and he said that God told him the Rockets were winning in 7!

dum, dum, dum!

C.B. Jack said...

That sounds like an episode from South Park?

Don't worry friends, our Jesus is better than your Jesus. That is why the series ends tonight.

I hope the ESA stocked up on tissues when Treysee takes the stand in the post game conference.

Reed, thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read our crap-hole blog. We appreciate it.

UofTOrange said...

@ Don't worry friends, our Jesus is better than your Jesus.

The fact that the Jazz 1. Have a stupid name that has nothing to do with Utah and 2. Have never won a championship flies directly in the fact of that statement.

C.B. Jack said...


For real. I love you guys. This little rivalry we have created has been my favorite part of the playoffs.

Jazz does have a lot to do with Utah...

I'll tell you what it is sometime.

Guess what...Rockets suck. You know it's over tonight. You can feel it in your stomach.

Do it...Do it...DO IT....Say it! Say you think the Jazz will win. SAY IT! SAY IT NOW!

UofTOrange said...

The Jazz will win by 37 tonight

UofTOrange said...

And I saw some guys pouring some concrete downtown today and I so badly wanted to "Tell my kids 80 year from now that that is their Dad's face"

C.B. Jack said...

It was certainly a classic.


nonsequitter said...

I'm not sure if I want to prolong this series tonight. I've had my heart ripped out twice (Astros/Cards '04 and Rockets/Jazz '07) already in the past 4 years with it ending in misery for Houston fan. I think its illegal to go through that 3 times in a five years span. Its unhealthy too.

In saying that, LIFTOFF!!!!

babat said...

Lee...the only 37 I want to see tonight is the cap on minutes T-Mac should play---37 mins at most

That means the bench should play like they did last time, and hopefully the Jazz will concede and both sides can clear out their bench

And NO, I don't want to see Luther's Head anywhere, he better be in street gears

I want at least 12 mins of Mike's Harried...I am not sure anyone on the team rivals this guy's hustle on the offensive glass...PLEASE PLAY HIM!!!

Also at least 24 mins for Mutombo...Boozer is scared shit of Deke

Now if the coach will listen to me, I will be going to bed after the game with a smile frozen on my face!

Fredo Teabaggins said...

I think the Jazz will win tonight because refs and the league don't like being told how to do their job.

Nyah! Stop pushing! Stop playing defense! Nyah! That's the Rocket's collective voice whining by the way.

And why if flopping OK if your on any team but the Jazz? Hmmmm? You bitches flop, too. The entire NBA does. I hate it.

Fredo Teabaggins said...

So...what's going to be the excuse/blame for losing this one? I can't wait to hear and read.

McGrady is an idiot. Notice how the Jazz players don't crap on Houston fans. Way more class than the Houston Rockettes. Wannabe gangsta bitches.

And a Chinaman would have made you win the series? Or Alston full time? Newp.

Scrumtrulescent said...

Goodbye Rafer, goodbye series.

McGrady had 40, but it felt like Deron controlled the game. He outscored the Rockets by himself in the 3rd, 13-11.

Tracy needed help tonight and didn't get it. BJax was 2-12, Brooks 0-5, Battier 2-7

Ray said...

Jazz came to play and finally started hitting their shots. Rockets were in it, but just couldn't find the range. Full credit to the Jazz as they deserved to win the series. I hate rooting for them, but I hope they beat the Lakers.

Hopefully next year, the Rockets can find some luck with the injury bug and a decent tall guy off the bench to back up Yao and maybe Deke. I hope they don't blow the team up and give it one more shot with these guys.

Damn, this sucks.

sterica said...

Props to you Rocket fans! You have nothing to be ashamed of! Great year, great team! Your team was a very tough opponent for the Jazz and it was a fun series to watch, even though I am all out of antacid's now!

I hope we don't meet the Rockets next year because I think they will be very tough to beat with everyone healthy.

I also enjoyed reading this blog, and bantering a little with the Houston fans.

Good luck to y'all!

Fredo Teabaggins said...

You should be ashamed of McGrady. He is a blame game douchebag. Did he bawl like a bitch in the postgame interview? Did he "forget" how to pronounce Deron Williams' name? Did he talk about how much he "hates" the Utah fans? What a douche.

Layton said...

Thanks for a great series and excellent blog work, guys. I respect T-Mac and Adelman and the whole Rockets team a lot. I'm glad the Jazz won, but you guys deserve better, and with a few more breaks (or a few less broken appendages) Houston could have been something special this year.

dodo said...

congratz to the jazz. rockets just werent good enough. i cant wait to see what they can do next year.