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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Game 6: The prelude to a hangover

Homer Simpson is a wise man.
"Alcohol - the cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems."

What can I say about Game 6?

Tracy McGrady came to play, Luis Scola again proved that he is a badass, but everything else I said we needed to do in Game 6... we didn't do.

Why did the Rockets lose? It's a littany of things you can't do in do-or-die games:

Miss free throws.
Make only 6 of 23 three pointers.
Score only 11 points in the most important quarter of the season.
Give up 100 points.
Forget how to gather a defensive rebound until you are down by 20.
Let 7 players on the Jazz score double figures.


Thanks for reminding me again why you suck, Rafer.
Thanks for beginning to suck, Luther. Thanks a lot.
Thanks for another brick-fest, Bobby Jackson.

Congrats to Utah. Yet I still really, really hate the Utah Jazz.

So now I have a really bad hangover. I have to deal with the next 5 months where there are no Rockets games.

Time to go sleep this off and pretend for an extended period of time that it never happened.


sterica said...

C'mon Dave...shake it off brother! The Rockets will be back next year when the olympics are over and the chinese government lets Yao play again.

Further, you can now root for the Jazz to beat LA, surely you don't hate the Jazz more than Kobe & company.

C.B. Jack said...

Dream Shake,

You guys were awesome in this series. Serious props for sticking with your crew till the end.

This was by far the best blog rivalry we've had at My Utah Jazz.

I can't wait for next year when we send McTeary home again.

Where were the tears this year?

Question? Did he just shoot at the end to get his stats up so he could say he did everything he could? Or was he really trying to win the game?

We'll trade Scola for AK straight across if you are interested.

grungedave said...


Kobe is my favorite player not named "Robert Horry" or "Yao Ming"... he's even above Luis Scola on my list.

No way I ever root *for* the Jazz to do anything good!

Fredo Teabaggins said...

We do no want Scola, aka, McFruity.

And T-Mac was padding his stats. I hate that guy. Yippee you had 40 points, try involving your teammates. The Rockettes play too much one-on-one.

UtesFan89 said...

AK for Scola straight up?

That just adds another 4 to the already full rotation of Booze & 'Sap. What would you do with Scola?

By the way, I had a great time with this the blog-rivalry thing during the playoffs. It was better than the games themselves (especially game 5). See you again next year (after the first round, maybe?).

Biased Fan

Eric said...

T-Mac played great. The rest played like shit. It's sad that T-Mac can score 40 and we still get blown out. We got outplayed plain and simple. I still think that if we had Rafer for the first two games we would have won this series though.

Congrats to the Jazz. Enjoy losing to the Lakers. If you get pushed to the brink by an injured Rockets team, just imagine what the Lakers are going to do to you. It should be fun watching that one.

dan said...

Don't take it out on mcgrady this time when ur getting double teamed and kick it out to bobby jackson who couldn't buy a basket yesterday even battier shot disappeared the only decent shooter was novak and they put him in too late but congrats jazz fans on beating a houston rocket team wit no yao ming a bruised mcgrady and a busted alston ankle I'm sure yall wit get destroyed by the lakers maybe even swept go la!

peterpanning said...

didn't we beat you guys last year WITH yao? and with yao in, you wouldn't have gotten so much dirty work done with scola/landry (whom i both hate, but cant deny their excellent play). the jazz actually match up better with bigger teams. we haven't played the lakers with pau so don't count us out yet. it will be entirely different from the regular season. you had a better chance winning playing small ball against us than you would with yao. and we wish alston would have played more. those 2-7/6-18 performances were great. though, the games he played well in you won. pretty big impact for a player who is so damn inconsistent.

i don't know why you guys hate us so much. we aren't classless. (we support our team, though no one else. players were yelled at but the rockets fans at the game last night were treated surprisingly well). we don't play cheap or dirty. and even though you beat us we wouldn't use that as our reason to root against you in the next round.. either way, nice season (streak) and better luck this time next year (which will probably be the next time i visit this blog)


Justin said...

Hell of a series you guys... Houston really proved themselves to me throughout this series as the scrappiest team I've seen in quite some time. I surely breathed one huge sigh of relief once it was all over, props to the Rockets.

Scrumtrulescent said...

we miss you guys already. Laker fans are insufferable.

Reed said...

Can one of Yall please post on the stupidity Jerome Solomon's most recent blog exudes?

The Machine said...

Doesn't everyone hate the Jazz? Even Jerry Sloan can see it on his face.

grungedave said...

The Machine? Wait, does Sasha Vujacic read our blog? Awesome!