The Dream Shake - a Houston Rockets blog: Additional reasons to hate Karl Malone, part II

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Additional reasons to hate Karl Malone, part II

Seriously, Karl Malone...

Go f--k yourself.

I think you've now officially surpassed Emmitt Smith on the list of athletes I despise. Check that, I'm sure you have. Enjoy hell, you bastard.


oelayat said...

Why Karl Malone is the world's biggest schmuck.

grungedave said...

oelayat, I think your link is redundant of my link where I tell Malone to go F himself... ;-)

Eric said...

Karl Malone = Grade A Asshole. I'm glad that loser never won an NBA championship. He doesn't deserve one. He doesn't deserve shit.

Why do you hate Emmitt Smith?

grungedave said...


I don't even know where to begin. Short answer is that he is the fakest, most insincere athlete ever. And he's an idiot.

Now, to be clear, I like athletes that talk trash and back it up. Deion? Yup. TO? Yup. Chad Johnson? He's a badass. Gilbert Arenas? Yes and yes. So, I have no problem with athletes that most consider to be loudmouths.

Emmitt, on the other hand, was fake. The media said he was all about the team, blah blah blah... but this is a guy who charged a fee to show up at his own Hall of Fame induction in Florida. Emmitt also is the guy who said he'd "never sign with a team that didn't have a chance to go to a Super Bowl"... and then promptly signed with Arizona two weeks later. He's a chump.

He's also a Cowboy. And f--k the Dallas Cowboys. (I was at SMU during the last Super Bowl season. God I hate the Cowboys.)

oelayat said...

Totally didn't see that! My bad!