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Friday, August 29, 2008

Umm, Mr. Morey - could you please explain this?

The Rockets traded Patrick Ewing, Jr. Hey, cool, he wasn't really going to help us, so I have no real complaints about that. Plus his dad belongs in that category of players I despise along with Malone and Stockton...

Alas, who did the Rockets acquire for Ewing the Second?

This guy.

and no, not that pansy Vince Carter... no, we traded for the guy who got tea-bagged in the above video. Who has never done anything in the NBA. Ummm, why did we make this trade???

Mr. Morey? Please explain?? Help???


Philly P said...

To dump salary and free up a roster spot- Ewing Jr has a partially-guaranteed contract that becomes guaranteed once the regular season begins. Morey is moving a player we weren't going to use don't want to pay. As for Frederic "Bilbo Baggins" Weis, he'll probably never wear a Rocket's jersey, but having his rights won't cost us anything.

Dominic said...

How is Vince a pansy? I'm sure you'd love Daniel Ewing Jr. for VC lol tell me you wouldn't

UofTOrange said...

Daniel Ewing? You a Willowridge fan?

And ya, I'd take VC for PatEwing, either of them. But only as a piece, and not at that salary.

People always harp on VC for being a quitter, but that wasn't him up until people bitched at him for going and getting his degree. He did a good thing, showing kids that school is important and got lambasted for it. Ever since then I think he decided he doesn't care what people think.

I just have a big feeling that he'll get a KG type trade, and while he obviously doesn't have the fire KG does, he absolutely has the skill. One day he very well might get his championship.

And this trade is great for the Rockets though Dave, I'm not sure what you have against it. Weis will never be a Rocket and cost us nothing salary cap wise.

grungedave said...

I know he's never going to play for the Rockets... but now he's associated with the franchise. And that sucks.

And VC is a pansy. He settles for 3s even more than his cousin and constantly bails out the defense. Shameful.

Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

Not to mention the fact that he practically sabotaged the Raptors.

Dominic said...

sorry pat ewing my bad