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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vote for Shane! Prevent a Traveshamockery!

As of this morning, I have learned two things:

1. Detroit Pistons fans have NO lives.
2. Shane Battier is in the process of getting screwed over in the Floor Burns Tournament voting.

I just placed my vote - and Shane is somehow trailing Jason freakin' Maxiell by a vote of 714 to 46. This is a complete injustice. Nevertheless, I implore everyone to go vote for Battier to make sure this tournament maintains integrity (which it would lose if Maxiell were to somehow win)!! Please, go vote!



Slim said...

I'm with you Dave, but it's not happening. Battier has too far behind and there are just to many Piston fans/blogs. I voted and have also left a comment about how if this were determined by people in the know (like GMs), Battier would get this hands down.

mindfeck said...

Why are there not more fans behind Battier?

Also, Ron Artest is in a close race with Caron Butler at NBA Gauntlet

Presley said...

Just voted...Battier is making a pretty healthy comeback. Respectable, anyway.