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Sunday, August 17, 2008

I found it! I found it! Someone made the worst list of all time!

I can't see who picked this list, but it is unequivocally the worst list I have ever seen. There are 5 people on this list, there are 5 people on this list that are actually UNDERRATED and not overrated as it tries to claim. I don't understand how anyone can be this big of an idiot.

I almost don't want to post the link as it will just up his reader count, but oh well, here it is:

5. Dwyane Wade - That's just stupid in every way. The Olympics should show the person that wrote this that knows nothing about basketball how good Wade really is

4. Robert Horry - His greatness has been chronicled here many times

3. Yao - I would punch whoever this is if they didn't hide behind the site and not reveal their name. Yao overrated? On what planet, it seems most people don't even respect his offense, much less his entire game. That's right, Yao is a good, while not great, defender. His post defense is the best in the NBA. Anyone that thought the later portion of the 22 game winning streak saw the Rockets play better than the first 12 games is, well, a dumb-fuck. Yao was DESTROYING people in those games. Yes, they kept it up, but not quite at the same level. Yao was literally the MVP of the league during those 12 games.

2. Shawn Marion - Ahh, the ever so popular, so underratted that he's now overrated. By who exactly? I don't think anywhere near enough people respect him for the player he is.

1. Shane Battier - He's quite possibly the best team defender in the league, and he's in the top 10 individual defenders. How exactly is he overrated? If you think Shane Battier is even rated enough to be underrated than I guess that is something for Dave and I. We both think he's woefully underrated as a player. No, he's not an offensive phenom. Luckily, that's in no way his job.


Jacob said...

Probably a Jazz fan that thinks the Ambiguously Gay Duo of stockton and malone were underrated.

Ray said...

Good lord that was horrible:

Shaquille O'Neal
Jason Kidd
Vince Carter
Rashard Lewis
Chauncey Billups

There's five players that get a lot of press that aren't that good. Took me 10 seconds and isn't horrible.

Battier being number 1 is horrible because he uses the reason that battier isn't 1 of the top 15 U.S. players so his selection was ridiculous. Um...that was the point of this team was that they didn't just go out and select the top 15 players. As has been seen in the past, that doesn't necessarily work.

Also, the fact that two Rokets were selected, and none were named Tracy McGrady is hilarious in itself.

I'm guessing whoever made the list was a Mavericks fan age=10.

BallerBlogger said...

That list was embarassingly bad.

I don't know why Foxsports finds it necessary to promote Yarkbarker's leftovers.

I actually enjoy their NBA analyst Mike Kahn and Charley Rosen.