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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"... we have a trade!"

Yes, the Rockets made another trade last night...

acquiring D.J. Strawberry for Sean Singletary (who?).

Hey, maybe Darryl Strawberry will show up for a few games now. Then I could break the "Darrrrrrryl! ... Darrrrrryl!" taunt!

Oh, and I hear D.J. is kinda good, too...


Jacob said...

I went to University of Maryland and watched DJ play his career there. Everything you need to know about him (as much as it pains me as a Terps fan) is that he's essentially a mini-me of Battier.

DJ is all about defense. I watched him consistently shut down guards with his extremely aggressive, close-contact style. Luckily for him, our PG play was weak, so it gave him a chance to improve his ball-handling and passing skills. He's definitely not a scoring threat, but I'd look for him to be a specific defensive matchup for the likes of Chris Paul, Kidd, DWilliams, and hopefully to further frustrate the hell out of Kobe.

All in all I think he's decent, hope he stays, and definitely expect his dad to be at a few games (with Gary Sheffield in-tow, seriously).

UofTOrange said...

I really like Strawberry. And while this isn't a big move, I have no idea how Morey was able to trade nothing for something like that. He continues to amaze me