The Dream Shake - a Houston Rockets blog: Just to clarify - this guy is a no-talent assclown

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just to clarify - this guy is a no-talent assclown

I usually hesitate to post entries that don't have at least some tangential connection to the Houston Rockets or the NBA... but this has to be shared. We rip on him here all the time, and most anyone who reads the Houston Chronicle can't be surprised, but Richard Justice continues to be a no-talent assclown .

For a professional writer/journalist... the display of hubris and immaturity here is actually quite impressive. It also makes me sad that this is the guy hired to "cover" the professional sports teams that I spend so much energy supporting.

Not even Michael Bolton was this much of an assclown... and at least he won grammies.


chris said...

"Try getting your point across without losing your temper and your poise. No one hears the screaming anyway. Somehow, the message gets lost in the way it's delivered. Tough guys don't have to pretend to be tough. People just know they're tough."

Wow, this guy has never participated in a meaningful game of any kind of sport in his life.

Yelling or not yelling is not even a choice for most sideline coaching situations.

You've got a lot of crap going on, a lot of shit to get across.

Speaking loudly and with emphasis doesn't mean you're trying to come off as tough.

I'm sure these players spend more time around the coaches when R.J. isn't around to make their own judgement call on how "tough" the guy is.

Scott said...

• Justice is an absolute MORON. The columns are unreadable and the writing juvenile at best. I realize that most Houston sports fans simply ignore his embarrassing contributions altogether, as though he does not exist, but is this enough? We’re a national laughingstock when it comes to sports media. Its easy to see why when, while chasing up the latest box score, one occassionally absorbs a cringe inducing Justice gem or 2 by mistake. Example - “Are you listening, Drayton McClane?” No, actually no one is listening or, thank god, reading his drivel.