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Friday, January 4, 2008

Point / Counterpoint

Hey, Roger Clemens:


Look, Lee may not care that you and 85% of the MLB players from 1988 through, oh, today, took HGH and 'roids. But I do.

(And by the way, HGH has always been illegal to obtain without a prescripton. Anabolic steroids have always been illegal. Just because it's not in baseball's rules didn't make it okay. Kinda like how baseball doesn't need to write a rule/bylaw that says you cannot murder the umpire when he makes a bad call. It's obvious.)

Yeah, the Mitchell Report was a witch hunt. But without it, we would have never known about your fetish for ass-injected B12. Or lidocain. Or the rabies shots you had to get after Mike Piazza touched you. For it is certainly not information you would have volunteered had it not been for the MLB-sponsored witch hunt.

Too bad you don't play for the Astros now, because you and Tejada would apparently have gotten along great! Just ask Raffy!

Look, you did the 'roids. You did the HGH. You know it. We all know it now. You're still going to get into the HOF, just not on the first ballot. Just sack up and admit what you did. Waiting a month to get your buddy to throw you softball questions and then answer prepared questions by the media is not exactly going to prove your "innocence".

Trying to get me to believe that you have no idea why your friend would lie about you just insults my intelligence. And I hate the fact that I supported you for 24 years even when everyone else hated you for being a prick. Now you prove them right. Thanks, a-hole.


UofTOrange said...

I don't see how the murder angle is applicable in any way. How do you know he didn't get a doctor to "prescribe" him something? Also, the MLB has rules against violence, they do not specifically call out any particular type of violence that I am aware of. They DO and DID call out each paticular substance that was banned, and I'm sorry, but HGH was not one of them until the last few years. Counselour, I strike your argument for being specious

grungedave said...

Murder is an extreme example. the MLB player rules implicitly ban all things that are illegal in the United States already. No need to be redundant. HGH has always been illegal to possess without a prescription.

Besides, if Clemens DID have a doctor's prescription - why didn't he pull the Ankiel defense and say so before the report came out?

Answer: because he knew it was wrong. Oh, and he never had an Rx.