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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Notes from the couch

Rockets damn near gave me a heart attack last night. Up 21 at one point... then losing 102-101 with a few minutes left in the game. No one guarding anyone shooting 3s for Golden State. Scary stuff. A few notes though:

1. Yao is a beast. An absolute Godzilla according to Deadspin. 36 points (season high), 19 rebounds (season high), 14-15 from the FT line (see, that's how it's done, T-Mac!). Granted, the 7 turnovers are a concern, but the Warriors were fouling him on every play and the refs let 'em play rough. So be it.

2. Rafer almost had a freakin' triple double. But, of course, he had to take 19 shots to get there. Yao got 19 shots, too. Let's compare... in 19 shots, Rafer scores 17 (on 7-19 shooting, and 2-8 from 3-land). Yao doubles that effort in the same amount of shots taken. Again, why is Rafer shooting 8 times from behind the line? Shane and Novak were hot... yet Rafer kept chucking.

3. Luther Head had 20. And again disappeared in the 4th Q. This is bothersome. Very. At least he made his free throws.

4. Scola is starting now! Yes! Finally!

5. Where was Carl Landry in the 4th Q when we needed defense and inside scoring?

6. Why is everyone slurping Baron Davis on a night when he goes 6-22 from the field? Sorry but he's not an All-Star. Not with all the stud guards in the West (Kobe, CP3, Nash, Iverson, T-Mac, Deron, Mr. Eva Longoria, etc.)

7. Wait a second.... Carl Landry only went 3-6 from the field? When did he start missing shots?!?!! His shooting percentage just dropped like a rock!

8. Novak is great in his 5-10 minute bursts. But then you have to take him back out of the game, Ricky...

9. No T-Mac, no problem. That flu is a killer though.

10. Rockets win! 25-20 now!

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bags030404 said...

Dave, Until T-mac does something (like play on a consistent basis)I think you should contemplate leaving him off the best gaurds in the west list!