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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just for Hardwood Paroxysm

So over at HP Matt and Corn wrote about bad halftime shows. I thought it was pretty funny, but the halftime show, at the Rockets vs. Minnesota Don't Care At All game, proved life can be WAY worse than parody.

I would give it more words, but just watch:

That's right, Jazzercise at half time. Let me at least point out that it was for a very good cause, and is probably worth the eye trauma I endured.

On top of enduring that halftime show, Dave just informed me he got his firm's tickets to today's game, or rather ONE of the tickets, so he's going to be sweat on by CP (Dave likes stuff like that) and I'll be sitting at home watching it on TV. I hope you get stuck in traffic mofo!


proud said...

you're a jerk - you probably are jealous you can't get off your fat arse to do this - you are probably overweight right

and this was a good cause as you said making you a bigger jerk for posting it here!

UofTOrange said...

Huh? I even said it was for a good cause and that I was okay with it because of that. What the hell are you talking about?

Do you not get jokes?

And callin people fat is a cute "comeback".

Anonymous said...

The Rockets halftime shows have sucked ever since they came into the Toyota Center. I think Les is screwing us over by saving money on the half-time shows.

I say the extra money they make off the extra $0.25 cents which they tagged on to the beer prices should be put into the half time entertainment.

I want freaks on unicycles and gay dudes that balance on each other. Hell, at least that dude that changes clothing real fast.

Anything but fatty jazzercise. I don't know whats worse; Kids jazzercising or adults jazzercising!!!!

Also, this is my official request for a "We Want Turbo" blog!


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