The Dream Shake - a Houston Rockets blog: Oh, yeah - we got interviewed or something

Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh, yeah - we got interviewed or something

the Laker Nation blog sent us some questions to distract us during Hurricane Ike. When we had no power and limited access to the Interwebs.

Here's the results. Their commenters are like funny and hypocritical and stuff.

Go Rockets!


Jason said...

You know, the Lakers in my mind just don't have a "BIG THREE". They have Kobe, and Pau, but who is that third guy? Bynum? Odom? These guys are solid role players, but not top tier. The Rockets on the other hand now have that "BIG THREE" that everyone covets so much. Bottom line, we have it, they don't.

UofTOrange said...

See the comments over there for some epic back and forth.

C.B. Jack said...


two things.

1. Why the hell do you have a non-working link to "Jazz Nation" and not to True Blue Jazz. You cut us deep Lee...real deep.

2. Lakers fans are hands down the worse fans in the world. While their blogs are respectable, their commentors are the most worthless trolls every conceived by the world wide web.

You held your own and did great. Nice work and I look forward to more Rockets Love from you in the future.

Who has killed your hopes and "Shaken your Dreams" the past to seasons? Oh yeah...we have.

True Blue Jazz forever!

and my other BFF Matty Harpring forever too. He passes along his "hellos".

CB Jack

UofTOrange said...

To answer number 1, because we've been lazy with the site flip over coming. I think Dave and I can probably agree to put a TrueBlueJazz link up after the switch