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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trade Rumors

From Chad Ford's draft watch:

The Wizards have been talking with several teams about trading down in the
draft. Talks with the Pistons last night ended up going nowhere. The latest has them talking about a swap with the Rockets that would send No. 18 to Houston and No. 25 to Washington.

What I've been reading is that the trade is Houston's 25 and Luther Head for Washington's 18. That should allow us to have our pick of Lee, CDR or Hibbert AND get rid of Luther Head, seems a win-win for the Rockets.

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Eric said... has denied that the Luther Head + 25 pick for Wizards pick is true.

"-Rumors that Houston will trade up to the 18th pick in exchange for Luther Head and the #25 have been called “completely false” by sources with knowledge of the situation. The Wizards like Roger Mason much more than Luther Head and don’t consider him any kind of upgrade to what they have already."

I know...I got excited too when I heard about that rumor, but it doesn't look to be true.

This is what they currently have for Houston:

"-Houston may trade out of the first round, according to reports we received from a team drafting in the 20’s. If Courtney Lee is not available at their pick (25), they may trade down with Minnesota and acquire the #31 and #34 picks. They are also talking with other teams."