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Thursday, June 26, 2008

And... the Rockets draft Pip

So, Courtney Lee doesn't fall into the Rockets figurative lap.

But CDR did.

What do the Rockets do?

We draft Frenchy. F--k!

This is really going to test my newfound trust in you, Morey!!!
(How did we pass on CDR for Pip?!?!?!)

edit: rumors are starting to spread that the Rockets might trade Batum. I was wondering why we would take a teenager on a roster filled with veterans looking for a missing piece. I still maintain that CDR has the skills we are looking for (can create own shot, can attack the basket and also make mid-range jumpers)... we shall see what happens.


Brian said...

"How did we pass on CDR for Pip?!?!?!"

Because CDR is kind of a stiff. Batum has lottery talent. He eats babies. T-Mac won't last forever and this team has a serious dearth of athleticism.

Nicolas Batum will be the best frenchman since Albert Camus.

Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

This rabid anti-French thing you have going is really unbecoming, guys.

Ray said...

I was on teh CDR bandwagon until I found out he was 6'6". I was further off of it when they described him as a 1-on-1 player. doesn't really fit the Rockets at all and is a slightly taller Bobby Jackson really. They already have Bobby Jackson.

The only question mark I have is why not talk Donte Green here. The kid is supposed to be just as good as the Frenchman. The only thing I can think of is that Green would come to the Rockets right away and probably sit while Batum goes back to France for a year or two (or not if they think he can learn behind Battier and McGrady).

My guess is that the Rockets looked at their roster and decided that, if healthy, they would have gone a lot farther this past year. There's something to say for that and maybe with another year of experience for Scola, Landry, and Brooks plus a hopefully healthy Rafer, TMac and Yao, this team didn't need anything to move on.

When their pick came up, I actually wanted them to do the trade down with Minnesota. And guess what, they did d with Portland, getting Darrell Arthur and either the 3rd or 6th pick in the second round.

Well, they can go CDR there, maybe, or they can go Deandre Jordan if he's available.

Kyle said...

So, we get Donte Green, Joey Dorsey, and a second round pick. All for a French dude with a bad heart and questionable skills. If Morey wasn't sold on CDR, this wasn't a draft at all. After all, he is some kind of genius or something right?

Kyle said...

"that wasn't a bad draft at all"
uncorrected, that made about as much sense as the word verification jibberish

On a related note, why did the Jazz feel it was necessary to draft 3 players from countries that absolutely hate each other? They now have a Greek, a Turk, a Russian, a Serb, and a Croatian. I know they want to make the team as white as possible, but is ethnic cleansing really the way to go?

Ray said...

Well, they ended up with Green. He has all the skills, he just needs to put them together. He could be the athletic swingman that they need coming off the bench, or he could be the next Eddie Griffin (for his sake, I hope that's not the case).

Dorsey is a solid pickup. He has a motor like no tomorrow and basically is a shorter Ben Wallace. Problem now is that the Rockets are suddenly fat at Power Forward with Scola, Landry, Hayes, and Dorsey. Unless they are pretty much planning on going really small when Yao's out, don't know how they all fit in. Maybe another deal on the horizon?

If anything, I agree with kyle. Draft turned out pretty good for the Rockets.

adam said...
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Brian said...

Oh man, I was really excited about Batum, I was coming up with awesome nicknames for him and everything.

Donte' Greene isn't nearly as good as Rene Magritte (a finalist along with Louis de Saint-Just, Jean Valjean, and Daft Punk).

Brian said...

Je suis pissed.

Eric said...

I pretty much agree with everything Ray said about both Greene and Dorsey. Spot on analysis...

You're right about the glut at power forward now. Scola is staying for sure. Out of the rest, any deal would have to include Landry.