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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The better team won, but........

Here are a few observations I took from the NBA Finals.
Which mercifully ended with a 40 point killing in Game 6.

Anyway, as follows:

Good God, Simmons is going to be unbearable for the next 5 years.

At least Rajon Rondo didn't break Robert Horry's record for steals in an NBA Finals game. Horry had 7 against Orlando in 1995. Rondo came up just short with 6, though not for the lack of help from the Laker reserves.

When the hell did Kobe turn into T-Mac? Seriously... I know the "bailing out the defense with a bunch of needless 3-point shots" offense when I see it! That's T-Mac's trademark almost!

(Lee's comment to that? "There is no such thing as a T-Mac impression in the NBA Finals." So true...)

We just saw Phil Jackson get pwn3d by Doc freakin' Rivers. Red Auerbach must be laughing his ass off in the afterworld right now. Do they allow cigars up there?

JVG was about to have an aneurysm doing the commentary for the game. The Lakers were playing an excellent version of the matador defense. Giving up in the 2nd quarter in the NBA Finals? Shameful.

Hey, Kobe... even Joe Johnson was able to create his own shot against the Celtics. AND he took them to 7 games. I don't know what it means other than "I will never compare you to MJ ever again." Nor should anyone else. And I am a huge Kobe fan!

The NBA season is over. That sucks. But ever since the Rockets got dismissed from the post-season I haven't had much motivation to write. Guess I get to focus on the draft now!

(Please, Mr. Morey - don't draft the French guy! Please!!!)


Eric said...

I was rooting for the Lakers. I really didn't want the Celtics to win. There was just so much hype around the "Big 3" that it irritated me. I hate when one team get that much attention.

What was the difference? DEFENSE. Plain and simple. LA left their defense in San Antonio. I guess Phil Jackson forgot to pack it on the plane once they made the finals.'s almost like he wanted to remove his headset and go onto the court to show the Lakers how to play some defense. Or at least introduce them to defending against a pick and roll. They seem to have never seen that play before. The uncontested layups....Ray Allen constantly being left open for 3...c'mon now....

I was rooting against Rondo's attempt to surpass Robert Horry too!

Kobe does one hell of a T-Mac impression.

Doc Rivers is not that good of a coach. When you have Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce, it's kind of hard to mess that up. He almost did against Atlanta and Cleveland though. I still don't see how he beat Adleman for 2nd place this year for Coach of the Year. Gaining 3 superstars and winning the conference and championship because of your start studded team vs losing the best center in the league, then amassing a 22 game win streak and still making the playoffs. Hmmm...yeah I wonder which guy is the better coach.

Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

I was rooting for LA too. Not because I have any particular allegiance for Kobe & Co., but Simmons would be pretty obnoxious from now on.

But in Kobe's defence: did you see how the Celtics played defence? I'm amazed Kobe could score 20 points at all. Joe Johnson got away with it because Atlanta matched up very well against Boston. Plus the first and second rounds provided the Celtics with some much, MUCH-needed fine tuning.

Doesn't help that Pau Gasol is the softest seven-footer I have ever seen in my life. I actually found myself wondering if they could have benefited from Kwame Brown's shotblocking. If people keep on insisting on calling Yao soft I'm going to shove the Finals in their faces.