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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Remember when...?

A week ago the Rockets were 6-1 and at the top of SI's power rankings...

6 days later - we're 6-5. After a 10 point loss to the Suns.


Hold on - was that a Stevie Franchise sighting??? It was!

3-11 shooting in 23 minutes... ah, Stevie is back. And still not passing the ball.


Tea Blogger said...

Transplant to the Houston area who is a big NBA fan. Been to the 2 Rockets games this week.
Chuck Hayes shouldn't be seeing more than 10 minutes a night, let alone starting.
Kirk Snyder blows.
Mike James enjoys dribbling until a guy is in his face and then he shoots.
Rockets are still learning their offense and how to play with each other. Scola should be taking most of Hayes minutes. Their guards play no defense.

grungedave said...

Completely agree with you on the Scola/Hayes setup. But don't discount Chuck - he knows his role and does the dirty work for cheap. Every team needs that. It's why Dallas can't finish in May.

Kirk Snyder could have been great, but he seems to be lacking motivation.

What you see is what you get with Mike James. He's an offensive minded player. When he's "on" - look out! And he's better than Rafer.

I think once Scola gets used to NBA games - and how to play defense, he'll find his way into the game more often. He'll be starting by January.