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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Phil Jackson is funny

While last night's game was heartbreaking, it also shows just how close we are to a championship. Even closer once we rid ourselves of Rafer. 16 missed free throws (6 by Yao?!?), shoot 35% (which is a good day for Rafer, but not for everyone else) and we "held" Kobe to only 30. He usually goes for 50 against us. AND McGrady didn't play the entire second half.

Yeah, we lost. And there is no such thing as a moral victory. But... we still only lost by three.

After the game, and reflecting up on Yao's sneaky intentionally missed free throw and touch pass to Rafer, the Zen Master had this to offer:

"He almost surprised Alston with the ball, he made such an incredibly good pass to him," said Lakers coach Phil Jackson. "If he (Alston) had time to settle into his rhythm on that shot, it might've gone in."

Sure, Phil... sure it would. I think PJ is setting us up for a future game by trying to bait Rafer into taking more 3s. There's a reason they leave you open, dumbass. It's because you can't shoot. Bill Worrell even said so himself last night - midway through the fourth - after your 4th missed 3, Bill apologetically said "poor, Rafer, he just can't shoot......."

Did Bill condition it? No. I think he tried to, and then realized that Rafer just can't shoot! Ever. So, yeah, that's pretty funny Phil if you think Rafer actually having his feet set would make one bit of a difference. Ha ha.

Where, oh, where have you gone, Big Shot Rob? Where Rafer misses all the time... you would make that shot in your sleep.


Anonymous said...

I once saw rafer hop around whilst dribbling between his legs, fake bounce pass around a defender, pass it to himself off of aforementioned defenders back when he turned around, then spin move to the inside to hit a jumper at the top of the key. And this was against "hot sauce" on a beach front outdoor court. Can robert horry do that?

Additionally, robert horry is an all but confirmed knob gobbler who has been spotted with male companions on several occassions.

Let's tally them up:
Street baller v. sack grasper.
Neck thrasher v. peen ingester.

grungedave said...

Horry - 7 rings
Alston - can only play ring-around-the-rosy.

Anonymous said...

Where do I post the discussion blog for the merits of Clark being gay?