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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's called the "preseason" for a reason!!!

The Rockets lost to the Durants last night. Yeah, yeah I know - the Durants suck. A lot. But then again, it did not count for anything!! That's the beauty of the preseason: it is the one time in basketball where the final score does not matter. At all.

And yet....

the Chronicle has a headline talking about the Rockets being "unwatchable" in the preseason. Yes, really. I have no idea why. If the goal was to win, I can guarantee that Joey Dorsey wouldn't get much playing time. Certainly not 24 minutes worth.

I mean, seriously, Von Wafer was in the starting lineup. Von Wafer!!! That right there should be a signal that the Rockets care not about your entertainment value in a preseason game. And they should not care about us (yet). Now is the time to see who can make the *final* roster spot - not who is worthy of a starting spot. That is how you lose to the Durants by 6. That's about the only way the Rockets could lose to them.

Now, Mr. Feigen, I typically like what you write - but this was unnecessary. If there is ever reason to worry about the Houston Rockets, it won't happen until after October 29th. Unless Yao Ming gets injured... or Rafer gets cloned. Or something like that.

For what it's worth though - Yao had 16 rebounds in 24 minutes. Yeah, he's a badass!


Xiane said...

I thought pre-season was when you tried out combos on the floor, assessed rookies, solidified roster spots, and generally did a bunch of stuff in a live game situation that you would never do in a match that counted in the standings.

When did this change?

Me, I'm thinking Von Wafer would be a useful D-league guy and injury call-up if need be. Also, the name - Von Wafer - is great. I think if he ends up making the team he needs a nickname like Baron Von Wafer, or Herr Doktor Von Wafer.

The Rockets want a good long look at Dorsey, too and that makes sense. He's an old rookie, like Landry, or Scola, so the sooner he's useful, the better. My question is, is there really room for Scola, Landry, Dorsey and Hayes? My sense is Dorsey is auditioning for Hayes' job.

I wonder what can Hayes do that Dorsey can't do better? This makes me feel bad for Hayes, who is a player I like a lot, but I think he'll land on his feet. He'd make an excellent Spur, unfortunately.

Ray said...

Strange artical from Feigen as he usually isn't part of the "sky is falling" crowd at the Chronicle.

Really, the headline should have said that the preseason is unwatcheable as that's what the article was mainly about except for a few lines about how he's a little worried about how the Rockets will mesh. I'm guessing the editors decided that "NBA preseason is unwatcheable" wouldn't bring in the hits.